Power Up Leo and Yourself

This is my first-ever Leo Power Up post. I mean I have powered up Leo before too but this will be the first time I am bragging about it. I have seen posts from @bhattg and @alokkumar121 on the LPUD but to be honest I used to skip them and the reason being they were kind of finance mambo jumbo. But after interacting with them in real life and understanding how important it is to be educated on finances. I started my journey this year. So far my financial goals are very simple. They were Baby steps and I completed them although I stumbled upon a few things I completed them and I am very happy.

This is what powering up feels like.

Now, it's time for me to try aiming higher and getting there. Maybe I will post about it next time, let's bask in the glory of how I was able to do a power-up of 150 LEO. For many of you, 150 Leo is just loose change. Something that you dropped or slipped through the gaps and into the couch. But for me, it was a journey. Up until last month, I didn't have a goal in LEO and up until Feb my financial goals were also vague. But after receiving guidance from good friends I now have a goal from my crypto portfolio (Yes big terms I am using, I am calling my wallet which holds 3-4HIVE and a bunch of coins a portfolio). I might have written a post or 2 in LeoFin about a year ago and may have earned a few coins. And thanks to Bhattg I have delegated it to @india-leo for earning delegation rewards and I have also delegated a few Hive also, So I am earning LEO Coins as delegation rewards. After all who doesnt like the passive income?

Now after a year, I have acquired enough to power up 150LEO in a go. And it feels good. I am planning on doing some more delegation and writing some more finance-related posts to earn the LEO coins. The goal is to reach 1000 Leo staked and delegated to @india-leo by the end of this year. I know it's a silly goal but remember Baby Steps. I want the goal to be a little realistic and a little difficult you know something that will keep me hooked and keep moving forwards. The same goes for my other goals. Who knows maybe we will see a book by by the end of this year by me. Now this is not a promise or anything but I had been having this thought for quite a long time ‘To write a book’. Luckily I am friends with published writers. But still no promises @sayee, @vincentnijman and @whatamidoing san. The other point is I doubt that the book will be about finance. Given that I am still an amateur in the field of finance it is better that I stick to fiction. Till then I will keep doing what I had been doing, Trying to get my rhythm and writing force back.
I am inuke and I am happy that I powered up 150Leo today.
And I am enjoying my learning in finance. It use to be boring but that was the old me perception, the new me just wants to learn.
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Special Thanks to my friends from IU and BeAwesome community :love :peace


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