More feature is required in LeoFinance's New UI

Hello everyone, It's me @intishar , once again. We all acknowledge about LeoFinance's New UI and it seems impressive to me. Still, it's now in the development phase and I hope within a short time I believe it will be better than the current time.

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I don't have any complaints in the case of making threads and to be honest, I am enjoying the features of the threads very much and it seems quite smoother and faster. While I tried to publish a post I noticed some missing features and today I am going to discuss it now and I am hoping that those features will be added very soon. So, let's start. I will try to keep my posts short to focus on missing features only.

Feature of post: I think most of you have noticed it already that there is no option to see those posts which we published using leofinance fronted and to check the updates of those posts we need to use other frontends.

Feature of link option: I didn't find any link options in the leofinance frontend and I am very disappointed to see the feature isn't available there. Suppose I am using an image from Unsplash and if I want to share the source link, I need to paste the whole link which doesn't seems standard in my eyes.

Feature of beneficiaries: I don't know if you noticed it or not but in the leofinance frontend the beneficiaries option is missing. Although we don't use it every time but sometimes we use it. Two days ago I wanted to use that feature and I notice the feature is absent there.

I found those 3 features are missing and I think 3 of them are necessary features for a user. I hope those 3 features will be added very soon and I believe Leofinance frontend will be more user friendly if they add those features.
I just have shared my thoughts and informed the missing things which may can help to make the Leofinance frontend better and I don't have any intention to blame the frontend. Besides, we all know that the frontend is still in the development stage. So, It's my expectation to see the development at its peak.

If you think that I violated any rules of this platform or my word hurting you or I made any mistakes here , let me inform about it through comments or my other social network . I will try to correct it if I made any mistakes.

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