My Contribution to Leo Power Up Day

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I don't think I've ever bought LEO before. I felt like I missed it when Leo was flying high around half a hive so I set my sights on newer projects I liked.

I have however, staked every author/curation reward I've ever received and that's gotten me up to over 500 LEO. Not bad but in something like Leo I want to be closer to six figures than three or four

Yesterday I found myself with 75 hive from a trade that ran off without me and I thought to myself, it's Leo Power Up Day! At these cheap prices, with 75 hive, I can almost double my Leo stake and finally break 1000!

And with that, I make my contribution to LPUD and myself and break 1100 LEO.

Screen Shot 20220615 at 6.03.48 PM.png

I think 5000 is a reasonable next goal if these prices stick around. Especially since this bear market has prompted me to get back on the job market so I can start stacking properly. I think I just picked up a writing gig. We'll see.

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