Who Is King: Cash Or Crypto?

It's a mantra for some extremists to see cash as King. How someone in any given country can utter such words is unbelievable. Inflation is becoming a norm with cash being injected into the system at will and debts rising like we are living every day like it's Christmas.

We now move cash fast and break the bank plus other credit card debt without even knowing how we got to order more than we needed.

With the influx of too much money and having fewer things to invest into in the offline economy due to the cost of investment and taxation that would eventually criple one's investments over time.


The best way to approach a good return on investment today is one that exists in the virtual space and cryptocurrency is the virtual space money. This is something that we can't overlook because of how crypto has proven itself over the years. Even with all the crashes and critics against it. Crypto remains the king of a decentralized world economy without cost.

Crypto is officially king the say government agency has been trying to keep it from everyone's hand but couldn't, this is possible for the fact that crypto is the new king and cash only serve as a gateway into the real world. It's like a body-to-mind interaction. The mind controls the body and crypto now making its way to control a larger part of the world finance in years to come is what will make it unstoppable and becomes an emperor of no borders but making each individual an emperor to himself with his financial world lying in his own hands.

What to invest into is another question that is meant to be asked when getting into anything in the virtual world as there won't be any police to jail the offenders if there's any money loss. This is why it's best to be a good learner and a patient researcher.

A good learner is one who always learns more stuff every day. Projects that are just building or growing and also the older ones without trying to pick sides if one is a competitor or not. Just learn about the project and see if it's something worth your time or not.

Also being a researcher isn't good enough you have to be a patient one who doesn't just think a white paper would solve everything but make more deep findings. Surface researching is what most people do without trying to get deep routes into the project's communities and how it's going to benefit not only themselves but everyone at large.

Sometimes we can't see the red flags because we are looking at only our gains in the end without seeing how they'll benefit other people or impact them negatively.

Looking at crypto at a larger scale makes it a whole community working together to achieve a world economy of interconnected financial ability for every soul with each providing its value as it pleases, so do your patient findings with crypto before diving in.

It's happening and crypto is taking over either you see it today or tomorrow. Crypto is king and cash is his subject

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