When Will The Bulls Be Here


The time of the season is here and everyone is expecting a bull move from the crypto market. If we'll be having a bull run is a question and when is another question to ask ourselves. But one is more likely to be certain than the other.

It's a normal thing to have a bull run at this period in the crypto 4-year cycle between the bulls and the bears. If we are to ever have an exciting year in 2023 i.e. if a bull market will ever exist this year then it's going to be a long bull market considering that the bitcoin halving is next year May.

This will make BTC more hyped and even scarcer to get compared to the past. A whole lot of things to be certain of happening in 2024 makes it a good year to have a bull market if possible 2023 rides a slow big animal like the bear.

Whenever it's a bull season people are always on the lookout for the next big token and I think the attitude towards buying and selling by traders at a period like this makes sense for meme coin to be gaining massive profits because everyone is more receptive to the market now than ever.

Let's hope we'll see some bulls before the year ends and not only some meme blowing up, this time it's the whole market making a collective move but before then what other tokens except hive do you have in mind to buy as preparation for the next bull season that is upon us?

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