Preview of Ecency points & Good hive tokens and the use of them.

Hey hivers!

And all the communities around here and there ;)

At a few of my last posts I’ve been talking about my investment around the Hive ecosystem:
In this post about hive-engine opportunities

This post about the # sports tokens

Anyhow in today posts I’m going over @ecency

A few days ago after the drop of the hive, I decided to order some ecency points to be exact for around 170+ hive.
Something around 70000 points.

I’m using a lot of my points that I earn to promote and boost posts around the Bulgarian community so I’m happy I got some more so I don’t have to think about it for a while now ;)


How to use them:

You can always use your Ecency points to boost or promote a post that is created via the Ecency app or website.

A few things to keep in mind:

The post of course should be with some kind of quality to be boosted not a single photo, add some text to your post as more you add more rewards you can get after the engagement(boost or promotion).

I’m not sure if @ecency has some rule about the age of the post but if there is one it may be 2 days I can assume.

You can always boost or promote friends posts that you like, they will get a message by Ecency that a boost is coming from you, so they can appreciate your support as well.

Don’t forget you can earn Ecency points absolutely free of charge just by using Ecency app or site for your daily activities(likes, comments, reblog, post)around Hive every action earns your Ecency points.
Easy for use app with great futures and 30+ languages translations to choose from.

Earn extra Ecency points:

Get free Ecency points once every 24 hours


Hive on!


If you decide to support the Bulgarian community growth you can do it by delegating some HP to account @hive-bulgaria
Or using some of the links down below.


Adding your account to the curation trail of @hive-bulgaria is appreciated as well.
You can use the link if you wish to help with the growth:

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