Hive-engine opportunities. Tokens you would like to own? Tokens I own...

Hey Hivers!

And all the hive-engine token holders in the communities around!

As I said in my Last post about hive-engine opportunities there are many good projects around hive blockchain and all the developing front ends that I love!

Shortly some of them are #leo #pob #sports that Iā€™m interested in more or less for some reason...

For an individual like me who don't want to sell his personal Time for paper šŸ“ money šŸ’µ

Rather do smart money šŸ’°

Finding the right project at the right time sometimes can be life-changing...

Happy that I found Hive back in the early January of 2019 ;)
And yes šŸ™Œ it is life-changing to see it unfolds in front of my eyes...

Some of the people who got involved in @leofinance @proofofbrain back in an early stage of development can share feedback.

I bet now they are happy, they got in on time.

Unfortunately, some of the tokens like #leo & #pob are raised to a very high price for my pocket.

Still trying my best to earn as much I can from them and hold them like a gold.

Still I have the sports token to accumulate at such a low price.

Holding nearly 13,000,000 sports tokens.


All of them I have bought and brought to an account that creates tokens among the Bulgarian network around.

Delegators can receive an upvote as well.


And I think I can buy some more from anyone willing to sell...


As time to pass and we measure it, the network and Dapps will grow exponentially and the price of the token will go up, and we all will live happily ever after ;)

Logo by @belemo

Everyone who leaves a comment with some data or sense in it will receive Hive+sport upvotes ;)

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