Just imagine if Dark Energy Crystals 100x

I don't play Splinterlands anymore, so a while ago I sold my cards. In total I made almost $90 from selling them, all in DEC tokens.

I was going to sell my DEC at market price, but I thought to myself "well, it was almost free money, and it is not worth much, so what if?...."

I had put some orders to sell at 0.3 and 0.6 Hive, respectively, on the Hive Engine exchange.

But after reading about how Splinterlands is growing, to the point they have to scale their servers, I thought I should aim higher.

Splinterlands is a small game, and c'mon, the graphics have a lot to improve. Also I don't know much about DEC, all I know is that the market cap is hovering at around 2 million dollars, and it is worth around one cent, so I am ignorant enough to make such a bet (to risk losing about $90) and still sleep well at night.


Also, Hive is worth almost 200 million dollars, so I did some "Wall Street Bets" worthy freestyle math and decided that I should wait. If Splinterlands happens to manage all the new players and the new players invest in the game, I could see Dark Energy Crystals going up.


So, after seeing the charts and how quickly DEC did 10x in the span of 1 month, I changed all my sell orders to 1 Hive exactly because "why not"?

It is already the most traded (in terms of volume) token on Hive Engine, and one of the biggest market caps on Hive. If any token on Hive can make it, it is DEC.

But also, this token success is highly tied with Hive Engine success. Right now I am well aware that Hive Engine is not doing well, and I mean that objectively! A couple of weeks ago they had to literally pause the side chain because there were bugs! Imagine a blockchain having to halt because of bugs?!

I am not saying it to talk ill. I believe Hive Engine can grow and become a serious smart contract addon for Hive, but it will take time and brainpower. I tried studying Hive Engine, did not go well. Their documentation is old and the examples are not intuitive.

But that is why I bet on them. Everything is kinda priced in, so things are not worth much, but I see it as an opportunity to bet on future growth. I am betting that Hive Engine will grow, attract devs, users and eventually have better tools/tutorials/documentations.

If Hive Engine succeeds, it is likely that Splinterlands will too, and if Splinterlands succeeds, Hive Engine can too.

If that happens, I hope my 1 Hive per DEC order gets filled.

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