I pulled out my Bitcoin gains too early

I have just said in a recent post how I made a 44% return on my investment with a 50x leveraged position. It was risky and I plan to not do that again. I was bored, saw Bitcoin taking a dip, and put a few dozen dollars if I lost it whatever.

It happened that it was a dip before a huge pump. I just saw how much Bitcoin went up and I kinda of regret having pulled out my profits:

A 5% increase on 50x leverage means 250%, but it was 50x leverage... I could equally have lost all my small investment with that...

I regret emotionally having closed my extremely leveraged position, but I rationally know it was the right thing to do. I did it with a small starting capital out of boredom and happened to be profitable.

I don't expect to do that again in the near future. I need healthier hobbies!

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