I cancelled my power down, Ecency curation has a better yield than HBD

I started powering my Hive down for one reason only:
HBD interest rates

The interest rate for HBD was already interesting (no pun intended) at 7%, it is awesome at 10%, and I wish it went up to 12% (HBD is above $1 so we can). Matter of fact, as I witness I am voting for a 12% interest rate. A higher interst rate will invite new investors and brain power to Hive.

But there is one account that has a curation APY over 12% and DISTRIBUTES ALL REWARDS TO DELEGATORS. That is perfect because I am selling Hive to buy HBD, generate interest and hopefully buy Hive lower with the added interest from when I was saving my HBD. If I can make 12% directly on my Hive, THAT IS AN ABSOLUTE WIN!


By the way, vote me as a witness to support 12% APY for Hive backed dollars.

Click here and vote me for witness on HiveSigner

Or use your preferred signing tool to vote me:


Back to the subject of APY: Curation rewards!

Some accounts share their curation rewards and that is a great way to freeload. Someone does the work of curating content and some of those curators, not everyone, share their curation rewards to whoever is delegating their Hive Power to them.

On @ecency frontend you can see a list of the top curators:


What are the top curators APR?

Not every top curator shares their rewards! But ignoring this fact, let us check what the top 5 are making using the tool https://hivestats.io/

RankUserCuration APR

How much is @ecency making?

So we saw that the best performing curation is @spt-skillup, this person (or bot?) is making over 16% APR. I don't know about you, but I have no idea who that is or if it shares the curation reward.

But you know who distributes their curation rewards? Ecency.

And their APR is in line with the top curators on Hive, at 12.1%

Considering that, I am willing to delegate my Hive Power to Ecency to get those sweet curation rewards, as I myself of lately don't have that much time to find and upvote content myself.


So yeah, I am definitely delegating this to them. Delegated 1000 HP to start. Hope Hive drops in price so that I can buy more and make that 2k HP.

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