Hive-engine needs to either lower or end those fees

Hive looks safe and stable at $2, I sincerely hope it lasts, HIVE looks undervalued while below 1 billion USD in market cap, but more important than economic growth is technological growth. Hive-Engine is a second layer for Hive that adds extra functionality to the first layer, however limited it is still a welcome addition.

If you want to purchase HE tokens you need to bridge your HIVE to there, and to do so costs 1% in fees, and that is insane! Of course, trading is fee-less and at least we have that, thank you, but 1% to get in and another 1% to get out is too much!

Hive is supposed to be an affordable blockchain, so I imagine a layer 2 should be equally, or more, affordable. 2% (1 to get in and 1 to get out) is too much. If you get in with 100 HIVE it is a 1 HIVE fee, which right now is worth north of $2, doesn’t sound like much but to me it should be a few cents… And that adds up if you happen to get in and out frequently.

I want my HE tokens to value, like HIVE did, but for that, measures to make them more democratic and accessible must be taken.

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