Guess who got REKT in HIVE price pump?

We are all, in general, happy that HIVE is going up. It is in price discovery territory, we have been beating all-time highs on a daily basis, but not everyone is happy.

Anyone that happened to be unlucky enough to have sold HIVE (token) as close as a few weeks ago should be very very unhappy.

I say so for myself! I did convert some HIVE into HBD a few months ago!


I am fully committed to HIVE, going as far as running a witness server 24/7 and renewing it early, but that was a reasonable decision because HIVE, every since it was STEEM, had the weird behavior to go up in spikes and then proceed to drop sharply.

It has always worked well for me to buy the dumps and sell the pumps to accumulate more HIVE, that is how I managed to get in at $0.20. But this time we are pumping and pumping and pumping...

At the first spikes, I did convert a few HIVE to HBD hoping to be able to convert back when the drop happen, but it never happened! We just kept going higher and higher!

I am lucky that I sold a very very portion of HIVE! I would be kicking myself if I had sold more!

Right now I sincerely have no idea what should I do to accumulate more HIVE. My instincts tell me to sell a little bit and buy more at a cheaper price, but I don't want to risk buying higher. At the same time I can't convince myself to buy at these prices, it is 10x more expensive than when I bought the biggest chunk of HIVE!

The future is bright for HIVE. I just need to get used to the new price levels so I can be comfortable buying more. It is weird seeing us at $2, but I could get used to that. Other than that, nothing to complain about! We are set up nicely to a great 2022.

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