Earn a good APY on your Hive Power and help curation !

Hello Hiveans,

If this is the first time you hear from us, we are a curation team and project aiming to discover and support good authors on the Hive Blockchain and the Leofinance community.


We are 4 curators at the moment and plan to add another member to increase our reach. We publish 4 reports of 5 selected posts per week. Each of selected the post is manually curated, commented and summarized in our reports.

This is our latest curation report: Bitcoin, GameFi, Beta Launchpad Scarcity of SPS -->63rd 🐯 curation digest

We also share the curation report rewards with the selected authors.

We are consistenly looking for new supporters who could either delegate Hive Power or join our curation trail.

We pay out 90% of the curation rewards back to the delegator on a DAILY basis. Directly sent to your wallet.

For any additional question, please reach out to @vlemon.

How to delegate Hive Power to @hodlcommunity using leofinance.io

  • Connect to your wallet
  • Go to the Hive section
  • Click on the person's emoticon


A pop-up will appear:

  • Fill hodlcommnuity as the recipient
  • Fill the amount of Hive Power you want to delegate

Then, enjoy a nice APR and the daily liquid Hive sent directly to your account :D


How to delegate Hive Power to @hodlcommunity using peakd.com




And... you are done !

Curation Trail

As our job is to curate and reward good writers on the Hive Blockchain and particulary in the Leofinance community, we love when user join our trail !

Follow our HIVE & LEO trail here

More than 40 Hive users are already following it, join us !

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