54th LeoFinance 🐯 curation digest


@HODLCommunity presents to you the 54th LeoFinance Curation Post

We feel very excited as we think we will address one of the most important issues on the leofinance.io platform: Curation.

We truly hope, big stakeholders will support this initiative in order to spread rewards to some amazing writers.

Our goal is to support content creators and generate qualitative interactions between LeoFinance users.

We will set a 5% beneficiary for every author selected in this curation report.

So Lions 🐯, let's roll !


It's Time To Stop Fearing Crypto Dumps! by @sapphirecrypto


Being involved in any form of investment subsequently brings about risk. There are no safe investments and while some may be safer than others, there is always risk involved. The recent sell-off in traditional stocks saw Bitcoin and the Crypto market in general, follow suit. This is to be expected, as I have mentioned a few times, stating that a legacy market collapse would trigger a Crypto dump. Despite how strong the Crypto market may be, when traditional traders receive margin calls on their stock futures, they sell.

Every time the market "crashes" people go into panic mode. This author believes that the reason behind this panic is because people don't make contingency plans. In simple terms, if you plan ahead, you won't be hurt...too much


BitClout: Something to keep an eye on? by @wiseagent


How much time of your day do you spend using social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or even WhatsApp)? You don't need to answer (take this question as a rhetorical question). However, I can bet that the idea of ​​creating a cryptographic social network that pays you financially for the simple posts (posting photos, videos and / or small texts) you make daily, or for the "likes" you give to the content of other people is something that seduces you, because it's simple, fast, doesn't require creative ideas or elaborate texts and it pays you for it.

Is it time for us to start looking deeper into the potential that Bitclout holds?


Splinterlands - New Reward cards on Sale? by @mawit07


Just a little more than a week into the new reward cards and I am starting to see some reward cards have dropped a bit from its originally asking prices. For those who are new to the game this maybe an ideal time to purchase some reward cards while the prices are low.

Okay seriously, what's the deal with the new reward cards? Why are they so cheap? Is it because of their collection power or something else we're missing? This author has an idea


Consistency Is Crucial For Growth On Hive! by @badbitch


Sometimes when we do things as humans, we tend not to look back at the efforts but expect rewards. If we've done this most of the time, we'd undoubtedly be proud of how much progress we make on a daily basis. Rewards however don't always mean money, growth is also part of it, an important factor, however, this is somewhat more about the earnings phase.

Growing on Hive requires consistency in every angle and in this post, you'll learn a bit more about the topic


Two Hive Games with amazing returns by @monsterjamgold


If you have not heard of Dcity or Rising star you or either living under a rock or in a cave, the games have amazing returns but it does take time and some capital but this should not be taken as financial advice.

SPlinterlands has been getting all the attention lately but did you kw there are many other awesome games on Hive? Check out these other two


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Hive on !


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