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Break the Fourth Wall?! by @karupanocitizen

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I do not usually write about political issues because I respect the ideological position of each person, and I hate polemics on issues in which it is almost impossible to achieve consensus, so this will not be the case either, however, as many of you will know, before During and after Nayib Bukele, president of El Salvador, proposed and then got the approval of the Bitcoin Law, many events have occurred, which I believe could forever change the balance of world financial power, all because of cryptocurrencies.

I want to believe that markets can be manipulated but I also want to believe that the manipulation doesn’t come from the great worlds financial interests. Especially as regards this most recent Bitcoin dump, I feel it was just markets being markets, plus this is September, it’s never exactly a good time in September for crypto.

I highly consider El Salvador’s move to be right, not a lot might see it now, Just like Microstrategy loading up on Bitcoin. Very underestimated moves.

It’s high time countries start setting themselves free from the shackles of dollarized inflation that highly stunts the countries growth. If Bitcoin will offer that saving grace then so be it.

I like the idea of implementing stable coins, it may actually come in down the line who knows. I think the combo of both the BtC and stable coin will work fine.


The Future Of DeFi Is RADIX ... by @acikgoz


In this article, I would like to give you information about the Radix DLT ecosystem, which many of you will probably hear for the first time, which will bring a new breath to the DeFi markets.
The DeFi system, which entered our lives with cryptocurrencies, is still in development and still has many problems to be solved. At this point, RADIX DLT is a project created to step in.
https://www.radixdlt.com/ DLT aims to contribute to the development of the cryptocurrency financial system by eliminating the access problems between DeFi platforms and people.

Two things here, either Radix really has something to offer or is just another promise of promises that is common in the DeFi space today. While it aims to fix the issues that plague DeFi, I think the DeFi space needs a little bit more than that right now. Maybe a little more stability.


This $350 BILLION Fund Is Now Offering Bitcoin Cash Trading by @pantera1


Interactive Brokers LLC is one of the top investing platforms worldwide.
It is always the top recommendation for trading stocks, forex, and commodities among other asset classes and now offers Bitcoin Cash trading to its US clients. In total IB services 1.4 million clients holding $375 Billion in assets.
Interactive Brokers LLC (IB) is more important than Robinhood and CashApp combined.
Once again, a leading financial platform has selected Bitcoin Cash as a top cryptocurrency.
Interactive Brokers selected only four cryptocurrencies for its crypto trading desk:

My own question is how is BCH all of a sudden getting updates and so much more recognition than before? Why now? The other day it was the extended function for DeFi capabilities, now it’s recognition from this super huge institution. What’s brewing?


Make every dollar count. by @niallon11


Money is a funny game. The more that you have the more that you can earn. Those who need it most rarely get any help and those with plenty of money try the hardest to keep it that way.
It's a backwards system really where money is used as a stick to keep people down and a weapon to gain advantage. It can be very hard to break down that barrier in the legacy system as the supply is controlled by people that would like to keep it that way.
This will only change when more people can break away form this system and have more control over their financial choices. When they can earn more income that isn't under the control of these corporations and governments.

What even amuses me about Crypto is that the unbanked can participate, for Hive in particular, anyone from anywhere can grow from zero to something with decent amount of work and effort as said. It’s not just for the elite like the legacy system, it’s the level of inclusion for me and interestingly Hive is about the only crypto that does that and does it well!


Exchange Review: Converting HIVE Using Swapspace For the First Time. by @the-bitcoin-dood


Due to regulations where I live finding a reliable exchange for cashing out HIVE can be a bit of a task. Recently someone suggested I try swapspace.co <-- (referral link). I used the service and liked it so much I even signed up for their referral program.
Using the service was straight forward and very intuitive. You simply select the coins you want to swap from a list of hundreds of coins. They show you the offers that are available to you. If you like the offer you transfer the coins and 20 minutes or so later, your transfer is complete and your new coins (exchanged coins) are in your wallet.

Nice...and useful too, I already saw someone asking today about where and how to trade Hive for U.S residents. As we are about to get into very interesting times in the markets, a lot more people will be needing easy services like this to get in and out of the system. So this is a nice find I hope other people discover it.


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