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@HODLCommunity presents to you the 39th LeoFinance Curation Post

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How much can you earn in Splinterlands in 2021? – Splintonomics by @solymi


Are you not playing Splinterlands? Thats ok, you do not have to play to earn if you don't want to. If you open an account you can profit in multiple ways. You can earn SPS by holding splinterlands assets and by blogging on splintertalk.io you can earn SPT the official token to reward content on splintertalk.

Splinterlands is one of the most lucrative investment and gaming platforms on Hive blockchain. The question is, how much can you theoretically earn from the game and its affiliate assets?


The SEC is not Crypto friendly - Coinbase wells notice is proof by @badbitch


The U.S securities and exchange commission are definitely not crypto friendly. Don't be fooled by its so-called "protecting the investors" shit talks. This whole thing is more about getting their cuts off every dollar bill and having full control and oversight on crypto investments. Regulations from a certain point of view may seem like the all righteous angle, but this is the 21st century, no one needs all that, financial education is a broader topic world wide, so people pretty much know how to manage their finances and are well-decisive of where to invest. The SEC can lay low, or better still back off because this isn't centralized money, it's the people money, it's a movement towards "being your own bank"

Yeah, we all sort of suspected it. The government will always have it in for crypto and that won't be changing any time soon.


The Deal With Trend Coins & Reasons Why Your LEOs Are Worth More Than It's $$$ Valuation by @josediccus


I've tried to dissociate myself from trend coins because I'm probably a bad judge of character and I find it difficult to know the right time to throw in money into a coin. Trend coin for me are those coins that just pops out of nowhere, gaining attentions due to how price making crazy waves, they initially do not have much use case, and they're only relevant to fulfill some buyer's craze for uncontrollable wealth.

Meme coins are picking up the pace and despite offering zero value to the system, they seem to be popular. If you pay too much attention to the dollar valuation, you'll miss the plot and we can learn that by looking at none other than our very own Leo token.


The opportunities that bear market present by @tfame3865


When I look at my post yesterday, it was as if I knows what was going to happen in the cryptocurreny world but truth be told I know nothing. I wrote out that post just from the bottom of my heart and I have even forgotten how I got that inspiration. I poured out my mind and spoke about the need to take profit. On that post I used the medium to educate everybody letting us knows that we should knows that cryptocurreny is just like mirage, one moment you can be very rich and the next moment you are back to your formal ways. Always make sure that you put the money you are making here into good use.

The dollar value of assets might be dropping now but if you look at the bigger picture, you'll find that there's a lot more that can come out of the situation


Do You Know The Actual Value Of Your Crypto Investment? - Productive VS Unproductive Assets by @jerrythefarmer


If you go to Coingecko and look at the prices today, or any other day, you would think that people know why they are paying $3.5K for one Ethereum or 400 bucks for one Binance coin. Just a year ago you could buy 1 ETH for $80 and one BNB for $6. What changed in the past 400 days that made such a radical change in the crypto markets? Let's have a look..

Can you actually tell the difference or do you base your judgement on the fiat valuation? There's so much to learn that will improve your portfolio and this article shares some insight.


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