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@HODLCommunity presents to you the 45th LeoFinance Curation Post

We feel very excited as we think we will address one of the most important issues on the leofinance.io platform: Curation.

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Patience Is A Big Contributor To Your Final Portfolio by @readthisplease


As a financial investor there are certain things you should always have in mind when it comes to investing. The most important thing to do is do your research about the coin first, after doing your research about the coin or asset and you are sure about it, always remember that the market is there to serve you not instruct you. When you are being instructed by the movement and actions of the market certain things begin to play in your decision makings. This usually occur when we spend too time looking at market prices too often. This drowns is in a pool of emotional decisions making. You have done your research, you are sure of the asset, the best thing you can do is wait and be patient.

The other day I was asked about my investment strategy, I can’t over emphasize the magic that comes with Hodl’n especially when you are certain of the legitimacy of the project which you’re investing in. To hodl requires a lot of patience and with what I’ve experienced so far, patience can never be had enough because the longer you have patience for the better. Most times.


India most likely to treat cryptocurrencies as Commodity by @karamyog


India's Finance Minister announced a couple of weeks ago that the government had already drafted a bill to regulate cryptocurrencies. The bill was needed because currently investors, service providers, regulators, banks, and tax officials are not sure how to deal with cryptocurrencies. Investors are not aware of how to declare holdings and gains. Service providers do not know how to deal with regulators, who do not know which law to use to regulate cryptocurrency dealings. This confusion earlier led to a ban in cryptocurrency trading in India, and the same ban was later overturned by the Supreme Court saying that RBI does not have powers to ban digital asset trading under any law in India.

Just when I thought there was some optimistic news about crypto in India, I was hit with the bomb that someone got jailed for not declaring crypto assets, like what? Lol such confusion though! I think governments should start speeding up their regulatory laws concerning this assets, it is obviously becoming a part of us as humans. It is time to adapt.


Hive is 64% up in past 24 hours heading towards top 100 by @menoski


I really nice to see hive coin is going up according to coinmarketcap.com #CMC hive coin price is almost 64% up in just last 24 hours, currently hive coin price is $0.93 per coin and it's at 161th position on coinmarketcap.com, hive is 19 positions ahead of is main competitor steem coin which is at 177th position

Nothing as good as waking up to so much good news about your favorite token. The undervalued gem really does look ripe and ready for some real recognition. Cheers to all the long time standing holders of Hive token. This win is well deserved.


Splinterlands NFTs - Have You Got Them Yet? by @travelgirl


Hi Everyone,
If you have been a regular user of Splintertalk.io, you would have noticed the interface have changed a few changes (apart from our old post no longer there but luckily still on Hive!), there is a new section called NFT! Yes Splinterlands will be slowly releasing some cool animated NFTs in the marketplace over the next week or so. There is currently 3 up all with limited amount at different prices. The best is you can pay with SPT which until today, there haven't been a way of using the SPTs we have accumulated over the months and years apart from selling them on Hive-engine or staking them for airdrop points for SPS

Wow I had no idea this was happening, last time I tried using the Splintertalk website, it wasn’t loading up so I thought it was maintenance glitches. Well I’m glad such amazing utility is coming into sPT token! Sweet! But I’m sad I didn’t lay my hands on those NFTs while I could afford it with the liquid spt I had. Sheesh! They look good though.


NFT Games Axie Offers a full time wage but so does this! by @bitcoinflood


Axie Infinity still continues to climb the records. In fact their governance token known as AXS Axie Infinity token has exploded in growth.
Now trading at $90.44 per! up 21% in the last 24 hours make no mistake about it if you started playing and invested $1,000 a few months ago when it was starting to become hot you'd now be making a good wage just from a NFT game!

The Splinterlands rental service is a no brainer, even for both new and veteran players! One can easily accelerate ones growth and get the investment back. I agree with everything here.


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