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Earning Through NFT Real Estate by @readthisplease


Imagine buying your real physical house but it comes in an NFT form along with it. That is you buy an NFT house but it’s also a real house. You know due to smart contracts and how they eliminate the middle men and gives authenticity of ownership to the building instead of gruesome tiring paperworks. This time you can make money with your physical house and your virtual NFT house. You can decide to live in your physical house and rent out your NFY house or you can decide to rent out your physical house, and also rent out your NFT building to co gamers or use it for advertising.

Will everything turn into IOT? Are we going to use NFT forms of real assets around us? I think the future of our lives will host some great tools of blockchain eventually. It's both easier to track, less time-consuming and transparent. The NFT owned assets may not be initiated with houses (maybe initiated with some less valuable things) but our generation is more or less clear about the utility of NFTs 😎


StaFi's rETH has been integrated into imToken, Stake ETH to Win $100,000 StakingDrop by @opl


The Significance of Releasing rETH on imToken

Compared with rETH App on PC, the integration on imToken will help more users to enjoy the safe and convenient ETH2.0 liquid staking service at any time and anywhere and greatly improves the usability of rETH App.

The rETH App is the first rToken App to be integrated into mobile wallets, which is a significant milestone for StaFi. And StaFi will also actively cooperate with more wallets to provide convenient liquid staking services for more users and improve the liquidity of rTokens in the future.

Before reading this post by @opl, I was unaware of the existence of such a nice platform. The platform supports Ethereum v2 staking and enables the stakers to turn the stake into liquid Ethereum without any limitation.

Since I want to stake my Ethereum, I turned it into bETH on Binance and it's locked until the launch of ETH v2. If I had used the platform, I could have used the liquid form, as well.
We should always do more research πŸ˜…πŸ˜…


RBI is Exploring CBDC in India by @reeta0119


Things are moving toward digital form and its necessary to bring the legal digital currency and that's where CBDC is important. Coming such updates from RBI brings a positive sentiment that soon India is going to have its digital currency however there is no update about how to use it. RBI seems to be positive for crypto as well however getting official regulation documents is taking time and the community is looking forward to having it as soon as possible.

India is one of the countries that adopt the latest technology faster but in this segment its taking time whereas they should expedite it so that they can early more with digitization with digital money an crypto. It would certainly be good to have our digital currency but I hope that RBI and government also think more about crypto and come out with some solid proposal to regulate crypto and give people an official power so that more investors can be part of it.

The developed and stress-tested digital Yuan; about to be regulated USD stablecoins; the case of El Salvador and countless updates in crypto ecosystem. They all are indicating the regulations that are about to play more active role in near future.

When we consider El Salvador, it's a small country with limited potential. However, the potential of countries where millions of people can change the direction of the crypto is, of course, needed to be examined and regulated by institutions. I do not expect to see people against crypto; IMHO, We will witness the race of regulation among giants of global economy πŸ€“


Understanding Multiple Transfer In A Single Click - Part 2 by @menoski


It is quite simple to connect our ethereum wallet to either Multisend or Multisender platform. Multisend and Multisender are unique Ethereum based DApps that provide Ethereum users with unique feature of sending a coin to multiple users with just a click.

For this article we would be using Multisend. First thing you have do, is to get to Multisend office website by clicking, here. As soon as the page opens, your Metamask wallet login will automatically pop up, by your top right corner, as you see from image below.

Let's review some technical stuff build on/for Ethereum blockchain. The multisender is actively used by many people to shill their tokens or it is preferred by developers to test their products. Even though the user profile is somehow limited, you may need to understand the logic of this mechanism.

Multisender is a time saver. I enjoyed the visuals used by @menoski to take things easier. I can suggest you to take a look at them 🀩


My new investment, Crypto Blades [EN/ES]by @vik.crypto


I had been watching this game for a while. There was a lot of talk about how profitable it was to invest in it and make big profits. It wasn't long before I told a fellow crypto trader about it and he helped me get into it. And the results were more than excellent from the very first moment.

The token of this game rose exponentially from a few cents to the beastly value of $65.50. This is what we can observe by entering for example CoinGecko. The token is called "SKILL" and belongs to the "CryptoBlades" game.

I think that once I finish recovering the investment, if everything goes well, it will be pure profit. What I like is that the SKILLs can be easily exchanged to BNB, which is necessary to pay the transaction fees. It couldn't be more convenient.

Sometimes I am really losing track in crypto πŸ˜… For those who are #Play2Earn lovers, it has been an amazing year with several blockchain-based games. Here is another one that is about to shake everyone with its growth. When I checked the trending searches on Coingecko, the SKILL token is listed on #Top 5 among the other hyped games like Axie Infinity.

The future of Play2Earn is bright as Sun. While some games are too complicated or need to be developed more, there are great games that are attracting both investors and crypto-gamers. If you have not heard of Crypto Blades, you may want to check it out now 😎



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