Mentorship Is One Perfect Tool Of Growth In Leofinance Community

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Over time I have come to understand how crucial mentorship is to everyone. Most times people take pride to say they were self-made but the sincere truth remains that no man was self-made 100%.

To start with did you give birth to yourself?

Everyone's journey into being a human began right in the mother's womb.

Growing the system is not to be left for the visioneer or his team, it is a collaborative effort. Sometimes people are so conservative they find it difficult to share knowledge. Some of them don't see any good reason in sharing information and others will not wish others to grow more than them.

There is this hidden truth I have discovered in mentorship, you become better by knowledge transfer than by Keeping to yourself alone Just imagine that you eat every day without excretion how will you feel? Or when you got to the system, no one showed you the way around?

When I joined the system newly, there was no one to guide me, after some time I began to make friends that were when it was getting better for me. Till now I still have some persons I consult on vital issues, you will not compare how fast someone that has a guide will grow within a short time.

This system can double if we spare a little time to talk with someone about the platform. The #lpud just ended and it is the beginning of another season. You can do well to pick someone within the hive system who is about to become a lion and guide him through the system. If all of us should get one person each by next month we will double membership.

Give a little time to coach someone through this system. This will require you to get more knowledge of how the system.

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