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Massive Growth Awaits

What I am going to talk about is how important Twitter is, and what an amazing opportunity we have to reach the masses with the use of something as simple as a tiny message and some tags.

I know, you have heard it before and some people, like @nathanmars for instance, has used Twitter to promote Hive for a long time already, so the potential shouldn't come as a surprise to any of you..

However, I have used Twitter with my EviLDoLLTV account, which I created when I started to stream on Twitch. That account was created in June 2015 and one of the reasons I have used it sporadically is due to the fact that I go under the username hitmeasap on Hive, and each bit of brand building I do doesn't respond well due to the fact that I am being a different person on Twitter so to speak.

I haven't really focused on Twitter marketing besides from occasional tweets and/or retweets every once in a while but I have finally decided to up my game further, and I have been able to recover my real Twitter account. My hitmeasap account. An account that was created in December 2013.

Unfortunately, due to me being inactive for several years, I have lost followers so I basically need to start from scratch again, but I am perfectly fine with that. The only thing that matters is that hitmeasap relates to me, and that the brand building I do will benefit me and bring traffic towards the real accounts and that I am who I say I am. After all, trust and credibility is built that way.

So before going further, I want to ask you to follow my account on Twitter, in case you are up for that task. You can find it here: (This makes it easier for me to follow others as well.)

As you can see within the cover of this article, I have already changed the websites to promote Hive and LeoFinance, which is exactly what I will use this Twitter account for in the future. The next thing you will see is a bunch of retweets and tweets mentioning Hive & LeoFinance, and I am during the time I am writing this article starting to delete all my previous tweets & retweets on the account, so the history will be gone.

Let's Keep It Fresh!


To include Hive and/or LeoFinance will help in terms of traffic and growth over time, so I have obviously done the same on my other Twitter account as well, just to maximize our chances.

You might ask why you should use Twitter, and what that 'Auto Post To Twitter' setting you've probably seen actually does for LeoFinance and Hive. Without going into any major details, simply understand that it will help with authority and to put LeoFinance and Hive in front of the eyes of others.

That is obviously a crucial ingredient for success, as traffic is literally the most important factor besides being lucrative and inviting for users. Once the traffic arrives, we will have to put in work to keep them here, but it goes without saying that we are in need of traffic.

That is the reason for my previous SEO mini-series, my articles about marketing and evergreen content and in my own honest opinion, one of the best articles I have produced, the How To Earn Crypto From Blogging In 2021.

While these are not specifically about crypto or finance, which is the niche of LeoFinance, one have to understand the bigger picture of creations like these. While I obviously appreciate any rewards I get from such articles, the idea is to draw attention towards LeoFinance and to increase organic traffic by blog post optimization and to improve overall rankings on google.

This is, according to me, what will take LeoFinance and Hive to the next level.

The funny thing about social signals (likes, dislikes, shares, votes, pins, views, etc), is that the correlation between social signals and ranking position is extremely high, regardless of what Google might state publicly. Each like & retweet has some weight and will not only boost traffic due to the actual immediate advertising, but because you also create backlinks which over time will lead to more traffic and growth.

This comes to my second and last question, except from following my Twitter account, I would also appreciate if you could either retweet my How To Earn Crypto From Blogging In 2021 tweet, tweet it yourselves or retweet @trumpman's or @LeoFinance tweet:

trumpman's Tweet | LeoFinance Tweet.

Like stated above, this helps with rankings, which ultimately will increase organic traffic and I would love to keep the current positions on google for that search phrase:


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