Reaching New Levels - Each Step Counts!


Each Step Counts

I started my LeoFinance adventure a little more than a month ago. I saw the potential and the opportunity in front of my eyes and I was mesmerized, thrilled and I quickly decided to focus on the LeoFinance community more than anything else. I was longing for a new chance and to become a Lion was definitely the first step. Fast forward ~40 days and I am an orca. This is the first time I have ever reached a level beyond Dolphin and even though the levels are different on LeoFinance compared with the ones on Hive, it encourages me to put in even more effort..

  • I have just reached 2500 LEO Power.


While 2500 LEO Power makes you a fairly strong Orca, I am going for 3000 LEO Power before the end of the year and 5000 LEO Power before February 2021..

So, I have roughly 60% more to go to become a LeoFinance whale:

Unfortunately, things have started to slow down, but there is a reason for it. I haven't been able to produce articles as frequently as when I joined, and I haven't been able to keep up with my comments either..

I aim to make about 200 comments per week.

This is not because I have lost hope or faith in Initiative 10, this is only because my job literally eats up a lot of time and I work different hours, so it's almost impossible to have a decent "schedule" for when I can spend time on LeoFinance. At first, I was able to produce some comments from work, which obviously made it easier for me to engage. I was also able to come up with ideas for new content, so I could rather easily write things down when I got home from work..

This week has been a pain in the a$$ though, and the coming weeks are likely to be similar, so my initial idea didn't work out. That makes things a bit more difficult, as I am not able to spend the amount of time I want to spend.. To 'counter' this, I need to step up my game rapidly and to another level during the little free time I have.

In other words, I need to comment and produce articles for roughly 1 week in 1 day or so.. But that would mean 4-5 articles and ~200 comments in 1 day.. And that is not possible for me.

So, I will focus more on engagement and comments rather than articles until things at work stabilize and become easier. I know that this is likely to affect my author earnings a bit, which could make it harder for me to reach my new goals... But Each Step Counts!