Bitcoin To Break A Macro Downtrend Which Indicates New Cash InFlow


Bitcoin to break a macro downtrend sooner of later, as the king crypto trades close to the $25,000 price mark. On twitter the crypto analyst Rekt capital says that we should be observant that the king crypto bitcoin will break its trend soon.

What does this movement means for bitcoin is it’s able to break the trend it indicates that there is a new macro money flow into the blockchain. In all this the price point in which the king crypto has to break as said by the crypto analyst is $24,755 which he indicates that as bitcoin range will flip the script.

He continued in saying that BTC is below the Macro Downtrend resistance but the way the Downtrend is constructed, breakout price point will be ~$23,400 next month.So if BTC holds these highs or even just stays above ~$23,400 heading into April.It will register a technical breakout.

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