🔴 Let's make HIVE & HBD a household names giveaway for 300 HIVE 🔴


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If you are reading a lot of news lately, you will notice that a lot is going on against Big Tech censorship. We are on the final phase of our Twitter Hive tipathon giveaways, I want to thank the @hivetips team which is lead by @jackmiller for running and sponsoring this wonderful event that encourages us to tweet more for the benefits of our beloved decentralized community blockchain.

I want to thank @themarkymark, @scottcbusiness, @eddiespino & @traciyork for helping us do this hive tips giveaway in our people on Twitter. We want to tell you that we really do appreciate your time and effort to run this event for the 2021 Hive tips giveaway. We are looking forward to working with you again in the nearest possible time frame.

Also, I really do love Ramen!


Thank you for your time reading and visiting my post, really do appreciate you being here. 😍😍😍

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