Think NOW about LATER

Do you ever think about later?

The time when you are entitled to retirement, when you no longer receive income from a job? And if you don't have a job now, how will you earn a living? I've never thought about it that way ... but that has changed. As everyone who follows me a bit knows, I have set myself the goal of having 1000 euros in crypto next July. Liquid that is, so that I could possibly go on vacation again. Before that, it had started last July. But now my goal has changed.

I haven't changed my goal to earn

Not that I don't want at least 1000 euros in crypto liquids, that has not changed. But seriously… I don't know if I would use it to go on vacation. Yes I long for a vacation with the dogs. Jump in the car together and drive to France. But with the current corona measures everywhere, and with a different idea in the back of my mind… I am not so sure whether I should want to go on holiday in my situation. It would mean that I would lose all hard-earned crypto in maybe weeks. Yes, I have two great weeks, but then nothing more ...


I think I shouldn't spend it on a vacation

And the more I think about it, the less that idea appeals to me. So now last week I suddenly realized that now I am slowly getting so far that I can save some of what I get together with blogging. I should also do something for the long term. And I really mean the long term. After all, I am not getting any younger ... and now I have not had a job for a number of years, so I no longer pay pension contributions. Which for me means that I will have to ensure in a different way that I can still receive an income after my retirement age, OR can use a savings.


In the Netherlands, everyone who has always lived here is entitled to retirement after the age of 67. But let's be honest, that's not exactly an income you can easily live on. And as a child of the '70's I have to think seriously about that.

Retirement Gap

In the meantime my retirement gap has become so big that even if I were to be hired by an employer NOW, this gap cannot just be closed, and to ALWAYS continue to live in the same situation as I have to do now. That you always have days of a month left at the end of your money, I really don't like that. So then the question arises, which is more important? Set a goal to earn 1000 euros in liquid and go on vacation once? Or to take responsibility, not to go on vacation, but to build up some kind of retirement fund. I can only spend the money I earn once, but I can put aside what I earn now ... use it wisely and hope that I see it grow over time so that in a number of years I can have a nice savings on it that I can use to supplement a meager income.

The situation I'm in now, doesn't seem to end soon

Until now it has never been my style to think about that more deeply, but lately that feeling has crept over me more and more. And certainly now that I have been in this situation for a number of years, and it does not seem to be ending immediately.

I would actually be stupid if I didn't think NOW about LATER

piggy bank.png

Start a retirement fund with tron

So what have I done… I have decided for myself that every tron ​​I can get hold of is put in a wallet separately. That will not count towards my 1000 euro goal, but that will be my savings for later. And I wish that later was still a long way off, but what I said, as a child in the 70's… will soon come closer. Now I still have time to do something about it, and I do not want to suddenly regret that I did not think about it NOW.

Made a start this week, and I hope to see it grow

I made the start for my piggy bank… it is not much, but by thinking about this consciously, by being aware of it and looking carefully at what will yield me the most, I hope to be able to grow it further.