Everything is RED


The Crypto market has been on a downtrend but I could not help but continue to hope that things will change course to give me an opportunity to cash out before the whole market completely crumbles but I guess sometimes we don't always get what we want. Tha part that was so aching was when hive was $2.85. That was a happy week in my life and I was hoping it hits $3 lol so I could sell some only to watch it tumble to below $2 not too long.

If there is one thing I have learned in this crypto markets, GREED is not welcomed and will always come back to hunt you down the road and leave you "HAD I KNOWN" territory. Well, we learn every day and sometimes the hard way. I am not so experienced with these markets but I just laugh when I read comments on some trading forums and traders here keep hoping there will be bounce soon. But hey, we all know these are just speculations and depend on a big "MAYBE or MAYBE NOT."


At this point and with the rate at which the whole market is going down, I think it is wise to just be on the sidelines and watch. It is looking scary and the dive is looking huge. Like I love to say it:

The Streets are RED

I think it will not be too quick to say crypto summer might be over and winter is officially here. I hop it's not a long winter though. No matter what happens, crypto I think is here to stay and so never a bad idea to always HODL long term. But I must say today really caught so many unawares. What a trap that was and got so many peopl in just to turn heel. For a moment it seemed like the bottom was in and prices were starting to pickup only to crumble down at an even faster rate down compared to its quick rise in the early morning hours. Volatility can be a blessing and a curse for sure.

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