Lack of money kills your ideas

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Without money your ideas are useless, I've learnt that for a very long time and thats why we all need to strive and work harder to ascertain the wealth and get rich because if you're poor no one will wanna hear your opinion and all advises you render to people will sound otherwise because you don't have the money to advise or to speak out your mind for people, so the goal is to make more money always.

But never forget that not all those who are financially stable have the ability or capacity to talk and feel good out there with there money but there personality and who they are make them somebody but not there money. And even with there money they can be bully like others if they are not there real self and when most of his doings are base on the mentality of money you might be bully.

Money doesn't make you who you are but it can describe how you are and that doesn't make you somebody, because you need to be yourself with or without money and don't let money drives you. When you have the opportunity to be financially responsible, always mind yourself and your act because some out there needs you down and when you're being ascertaining the financial stability also watch yourself well.

You can be respected or listen to without money as well but depends on how you categories yourself but how can people hear you always and always want to see you around them is when you're financially stable, many people has many logics or tactics but it ruin in them because there not financially responsible to tell people or express themselves to the world and some who have the opportunity to be wealthy might be empty skull but because of his money people are ready to hear him out but they can still turn him down after, but presently they can hear him.

At the end, we all need to base all our goals in making more money because if you're doing something that doesn't fetch you the money that means you're just wasting your time and mind you, lack of money will surely kill all your ideas and Morales. But if you set your goals in making more money you can be the best of yourself at your conveniences.

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