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I want to agree with all you write here. I see some points that are right and will happen if on the way the community grows in a healthy manner. Once we were shown how strong the community is with Justin clusterfuck. I think it's a super-cool story for everyone in crypto to understand what's going on here at Hive. We have all proven a point here. The next milestone would be the all so often talked about mass adoption that is missing. Any VC looks for some money turning, depending on the financing round they look for more secure investment if we talk about billions they will want to know that Hive is going to last. Then we are back at the programs that run to onboard more users. That will always be the driver.

In the past years, I talked about the platform a lot to my friends that are also active on Facebook and Instagram. I love it here on Hive but I am super techy, the usability of Instagram is just overwhelmingly easy and everyone is there (kind of on a downtrend to our advantage), but still. The barriers are still super high compared to what's there and all so easy.

If we are here posting in 3 years with an even bigger base then yeas big of growth can come from that. If we hit 10$ it would be amazing then it is not too far out for your dream of 100$ to become reality. I would also love to say I was there on day ONE when we said f... you Justin and created that new community.

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