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RE: What keeps me from reinvesting back into HIVE or LEO

RE: What keeps me from reinvesting back into HIVE or LEO

In many aspects, you are completely right. But it describes only a one-sided situation. I am a creator. I engineer photographs that can take sometimes 20min or more even just the exposure time. Then writing an article around it and posting it can result in an effort of an hour. In my normal day job that hour defiantly results in a higher ROI for that hour. My passion is photography and if I see it as an optimization curve, Hive sits at that sweet spot where gaining access to crypto and being rewarded for it is way better than posting it on Instagram or Facebook. Yet to put in more money as you ask is hard for me too. I wish there would be more traffic and more creators. Only then I can see that the angle for an investor gets satisfied at the same time as a creator. Many here wait patiently for the moment Hive shines in the Light and millions onboard to Hive. Not sure when or even IF that will happens. I share my content on Twitter but with very little exposure. So it is not going to come from that direction. There is a scenario where you will not find the ROI one would get with other Alt cons or simply BTC.

If you don't find a second reason but the financial interest it will be hard to justify at this moment. Even for me, it's still just a passion project with my hand on the hand brake. I have seen many doing just the same and give up just the same. As sad as it is.
I do as much as I can as an individual to help the growth - I do so much only.

I totally get you!

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