SplinterLands :: MY GOAL for SPS Staked Achieved - 50K+ SPS Staked...

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Finally, the day has come and I am happy to share that, I've achieved my GOAL with regards to the SPS tokens being staked. It took me 82 days to get here. All the SPS staked is not the AirDropped one but I did invest close to 3 BNB and traded it for SPS tokens.

Long time back I did a post - SplinterLands:: My Strategy with Chaos Legion Card Packs, Vouchers & SPs & there I mentioned; How many SPS tokens I did like to stake. Achieving the target is like - you want more for yourself to achieve and set new GOALs.

New GOALs for Vouchers - 500, Can I get iT?


Yes, the new GOAL, that I have set now is to be able to have 500 Vouchers before the pre-sale ends. With the amount of SPS staked i.e. 50K+ - I got close to 12.781 and that is seen in the Last rewards section. Vouchers owned is more which is 13.714 because I bought some of them from the secondary market i.e. HIVE-engine.


The plan is to leverage the bulk-buying of packs and get some additional card packs in the form of Bonuses. Since I am targetting to buy 500 Packs for that I need 500 Vouchers. Assuming that my drop rate of vouchers doesn't change and I get close to 12+ Vouchers daily. Then I would be able to get close to 12 * 30 = 360 Vouchers; short of another 140 Vouchers. I'll be on the lookout for some trade of the Vouchers on HIVE-engine and will try to buy Vouchers there so that I can make it to the 500 Mark.


The Voucher market on Hive-engine is making new records. And as of writing, this article last traded price of the Voucher is 31 HIVE and the 24 hours volume has crossed $70K+. I'm bullish on the price of the Voucher and I see it further increasing to a level where it will be trading for 50 HIVE for 1 Voucher.. Let's see what the future beholds for Voucher Price...

Have Your SAY....

What's your strategy with regards to the new cards pack Chaos Lesion? Are you staking your SPS tokens to get more Vouchers?


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