Top 10 Best Ways How To Make Some Easy Money Online


Either you have a money printing machine or you have to be a money printing machine!

Ronny Hurth

Since I started spending money I thought about possibilities to make some easy money and if you do your research you will find hundreds of possibilities about how to make money nowadays in 2021. Unfortunately most of them are a waste of time in my opinion and some are not very easy as well. Today I want to introduce you some possibilities I am using to make some money online. Maybe there is something you don´t know yet or if you have a recommendation I would be happy when you leave a comment and tell me about it.

For 99% this information is too far away from mainstream and they refuse to even think about it and are not even close to the point to accept that the world is changing. I will not explain you all details about it. As always I suggest you to pull the finger out of your axx and inform yourself about the basics and continue to learn every day. There are plenty of Documentaries and explanations on youtube and great beginners guides and advises on They tell you which wallet to use and much more.

I want to suggest you some things to support you and the development of the crypto industry. We have just seen the CEOs of Twitter, Tesla, Microstrategy and more investing millions and billions in Bitcoin as it is the only alternative to our national banks printing more and more money. Experts predict that the inflation could reach 25% looking at all the amount of money which was just printed and as we can see US long term bonds were just announced to have very high interest rates and seem to be a better buy than a dividend stock, but we have seen this before. They can not pay the short term interests so they want people to sell the bonds for longer term bonds to move the problem to the future as it was done before. This will lead the a hyperinflation of the dollar and maybe all Fiat currencies.


money rainLet the money rain

1. Coinbase EARN (free $CRYPTO for videos + signup bonus - about 1h for 50$+ in token)

Coinbase is one of the biggest crypto exchanges worldwide and the only one listed on a stock exchange, yet. If you buy/sell crypto there make sure to use otherwise you pay 2.5% fees instead of 0.X%. They have partnerships with some crypto projects and offer you free coins if you inform yourself about the projects and answer a few simple questions. You can hold the coins or sell them immediately. It is definitely worth it because you learn a little bit about crypto while earning money. Similar cooperations can be found on

2. Peer2profit (1$++/day 1 time install 0 effort)

Peer2profit is a simple tool to share your network connection and I just found it a few days ago so I can not tell you what I earn with it per month. On a good day it seems to make 0.5-1$ and my computer is not running all day. I guess if it runs all day or you use more than 1 device (WIN/Linux/Android) or find someone to use it with you you can earn much more than you pay for your internet connection.

Just register, download, install, sign in with email (no pw needed) and make money.

Min Payout is 10$ it pays in BTC so you need a wallet and/or at least an exchange (with a wallet) like the following if you want to sell it.

3. Stormgain - the most efficient Bitcoin Browser Cloud Miner (ca. 0,5 $/day for 4 clicks or 2 mins/day)

Stormgain offers an Exchange, Wallet, Futures and a Miner. Of course there is also a demo version to simulate trading. I just used the miner by now and you just need to make a click every 4 hours to re-activate it and you will earn Bitcoin worth 0,10 USDT every 4 hours. The browser or app does not have to be open or run in the background. There is no easier and faster way to earn some extra (crypto) money. They say the amount can be less, but even with 30% less you would earn 10$ a month for some clicks and if you spread the word and reach a higher level it will be much more. If you understand the worth of the crypto industry, you will understand that the worth of these coins will increase the more you keep taking about it and the more people start using bitcoin. So even if people do not use your referral links the worth of your few Satoshi´s you earn will grow and so will your wealth grow.

Sign up with my referral link and get 3 USDT bonus

You will earn your first 10 $ within a week with the bonus and then about 15 $ per month. You can not directly withdraw it but can use it for trades within Stormgain and withdraw the gains.

4. earn $CRYPTO for steps (a few cents up to a full income - few mins per post)

A very motivating app can be Actifit which is available for iOS and Android. You create a short blogpost with a description of your daily activity and a picture if you like to and you will earn some $AFIT token as well as $HIVE as Actifit is based on the Hive blockchain. I think you also earn some steem but it doesn´t seem to be used any more. The more people like your actifit blogpost the more likes and money you earn. So one post can be worth nothing, a few cents or even 20$ if you have some followers with high voting power. TH amount of token you earn also depends on the amount of "Hive Power" Token you hold. For me the first weeks I earned 0.05-0.10$ per post later it was around 0.20-0.60$ per post. The more active you are the higher your rewards will be...

For a few days now you can trade AFIT tokens on Binance

5. Post/blog on Hive instead of Facebook and Instagram (0.00-XXXX.XX$, 10%APY,...)

The most money you can definitely make when you start your own blog. Nowadays every beginner can set up a website within a few minutes using wordpress or similar tools and I do suggest you to do it and tell the world about who you are and what you think. While using Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Tiktok will probably just cost you time you could also switch the platform, start posting on hive and earn money for your social media activities. You can begin with your daily Actifit post and just add some other things from time to time. The is also a video platform connected to it where you can upload a Vlog or other videos. There are photography lover groups, foodies groups,... and you earn with every single post, like, comment, repost and just by holding your HIVE tokens. Facebook and Google earn billions while you use their services why don´t you earn for the service you use?

6. the google alternative (earn for searching online - up to 21$/month for installation and 0 effort)

Presearch is just another search engine but it pays you to for every search. For the first 7 weeks I earned about 12$ or about 50 $PRE Token for just using the internet as usual. Ok I do search a little bit more instead of typing the URLs. The minimum withdrawal limit is 1000 token and you can earn for 30 searches per day worth 0.1 token while 1 token is worth 0.24$ at the moment. Means 0.72$ per day is the maximum amount to earn and it takes 11 months until you reach the minimum withdrawal limit. If you are an advertiser you can also stake on keywords with a min of 100 token and place ads. Use my referral link in the headline to receive 25 PRE tokens for your signup.

7. Library/Odysee earn $CRYPTO for watching videos ca. 0.5$/month)

The Library blockchain or the platform is just like youtube but much younger, you can earn on it and it´s without censorship. You can watch videos and movies there or upload your own. It also has a live stream feature. You earn random rewards to watch a daily video and some bonuses. You can also tip these rewards to creators or get tipped as a creator

8. Brave Browser (earn BAT Token about 1.5$/month for installation and 0 effort)

A very secure browser where you can earn BAT token for clicking on Ads. So basically instead of you letting Google earn all the money for the ads that are shown to you, you share it with Brave and get paid in tokens. The first ad I clicked on was worth about 0,01$. The ad was shown as a desktop notification on my macbook which is very convenient so I could let it run in the background and just click on the ads from time to time when I am at the computer. I will see if I continue using both both browsers.

If you are an advertiser you can directly advertise using the BAT token and reach more than 25 mio users of the Brave browser which are probably all very young and mostly tech interested so this is a great opportunity for some industries to place their ads for exact the right audience.

You can download Brave here:

In the first month I earned BAT tokens worth of about 1.50$. Unfortunately I had to reinstall it and lost my tokens but will continue using it. It will pay out in long term.

9. (1 click/hour earn you a few satoshi 0-2$/month)

Maybe I shouldn´t mention it as it is worth very little but if you spend some time with the computer every day you can click here and earn some extra satoshi´s every hour. I made about 10 Cent a week so you will not while I tried it out. There are many similar sites for DASH and DOGE which payed much less and I immediately stopped using them. I will use this for a few more days and weeks and will see if I stop or continue.

10. Others like free bank accounts, credit cards,... with bonuses click here

Pi Network

A friend told me about it and with 2 clicks once per day it keeps mining for 24 hours. You earn extra rewards for your team you connect with and people who use your referral so please use my referral. The project is not live so you can not sell the coins and they do not have a price yet. The more I use it the less i think its worth it but I might be wrong and can sell my coins for a nice price next year.


Another earn token for your steps app but you can just buy some things inside the app. Mostly it is discount vouchers for overpriced products or some donations to questionable charities.

Maybe the next article will be about staking and liquidity farming in the decentralized crypto ecosystem or what are you interested in?


exponential growthMost of us overestimate what we can do in a day but underestimate what we can do in a year.

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We are in the middle of world war 3 – the rich 1% against the poor 99%. Unfortunately the poor didn´t understand it yet and still support the rich all day every day. Will you wake up or will most of mankind die out because of an experimental drug spreaded by the most evil humans on our mother earth?

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