SteemCity - UI Updates, DPOS game-governance, density effect

Hello SteemCity players, here are some important updates that you should know that we have implemented.

Map/Dashboard button on Web Page

Now players can see more details and stats on cards, with ability to filter through cards. Double click the Map/Dashboard button to switch between the menues.

New options on Market Page

History where you can track all the sales of your cards on the market
Trade SIM and Trade BEER button that will direct you to steem-engine sim/beer market

DPoS Game-Governance system

In preparation for game governance SteemCITY we created SIM POWER. SIM power will give you voting power in game governance. You can see your Voting power on your City’s Map/Dashboard page.

What is SIM POWER?

It is pseudo-staking solution. Every 24h at reward distribution snapshot of SIM balances is taken, and 30 days average from your SIM Balance = your SIM power.

In summary:
sum of last 30 snapshots / 30 = sim power

Sim Power represent your voting power in incoming election for game president. President will be elected for 2 weeks, and cannot be elected twice in row.

Density Effect

New factor that will reduce popularity on big cities. I was planning on that from the beginning, just didn't expect such big players :). How it's working:

Every 2000 population will decrease popularity by 100

It can also cause small daily fluctuations in popularity & population when player cross 2000 population multiplier. Will be harder for big cities to optimize, but that's how it becomes fun :) nothing will change in ranking, only 20 players will be affected.

Future Updates

In next posts i will write more about role of president in game. And possible decisions president can make to influence game ecosystem. Also about incoming technologies, new assets, and events. Am planning to release all of that at once in big update. But will present everything before, so players will have time to prepare strategy :)

Some of the collectible game backgrounds we have almost ready:

If that's first time you hear about SteemCity, check my previous posts and visit game web page at

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