STEEMCITY: HIVE statement, Rebranding, Updates

HIVE statement

All of you probably already know what's happening around with fork and new chain - HIVE. It's time to say few words officialy how steemcity will react on that.

Most of our players support HIVE, our team also... We would like to move to hive but at this stage we are dependent on Steem-Engine. For now we will operate as usual on steem, but when there will be chance to switch we will switch to HIVE.

Also reward pool in few hours will get some extra hive tokens, which belong to players and will be distributed in same way steem rewards were distributed ( 10% every week ), maybe will skip on that for first week, cause it would be right after fork...


For last few days we were looking for a more universal name that could work in any possible scenario and we picked dCity, new domain will be You can see the changed logo above :)

Incoming Updates

There will be an update soon fixing the popularity effect, because it is too strong. We were aware about it, but didn't expect cities to grow so fast, and the last events took some precious time from developing what to do next.

Actual linear effect makes it too easy to achieve super high population when you don't need to worry about workers anymore. Incoming changes will reduce effect in popularity and will restore value in population :)

This change is required to keep long term value of the game. Remember, game is in the super early stages and rebelancing like that is needed.

UI updates

You can see small changes on UI in preparation for next updates and to save some space for more data

New Graphics

If you are new to this game check my previous posts, visit ( soon ), and discord:

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