HBD Interest Payouts For September 2021


October is here and another month has gone by. Time flies. It is time to look at HBD interest payouts for the month of September. Hive blockchain is still paying 10% APR last time I checked.

First, let's take a look at the total payment numbers in the previous months.

In March total interest payout was 10,429 HBD to 6415 accounts.
In April total interest payout increased to 12,208 HBD to 7106 accounts.
In May total interest payout increased again to 16,574 HBD to 7250 accounts.
In June total interest payout almost doubled to 36,883 HBD to 7167 accounts.
In July total interest payout decreased to 1,696 HBD to 682 accounts.
In August total interest payout increased to 5,646 HBD to 1062.

In my last post I was trying to predict or was optimistic that in September these interest payouts will reach 10K HBD. It looks like I was wrong.

In September total amount of interest payouts dropped down to 2570 HBD to 1129 accounts. So what happened?

If you look at the list in the previous post, the top recipients of HBD interest payments were Mika and Alpha. It looks like they decided to explore other options for their investments. Not that I am trying to go through people's wallets, just a quick glance shows Mika prefers Hive more and has converted HBDs to Hive. Alpha on other hand chose to power up large amount of HP. Well played!

Hive has many different options for investors to consider. As I have stated in the past my preference as this time is HP as well. But there are many investors in the world that like to diversify their portfolios and would like to included less risky assets with steady earning like interest. For them HBD can be a great option.

Just because Mika and Alpha are not interested in only 10% APR anymore, doesn't mean others are not. If you look at the list below we can some new names that are trying out HBD Savings. Number of accounts using Savings has increased a little bit too.

Now that we can convert Hive into HBD, this has caused the supply of HBD to grow higher than normal pace. It must have gone above 10% ratio against Hive supply in value. Because yesterday author payouts stopped printing HBD, and all payouts are not in HP and Hive.

Another interesting phenomenon I noticed in this Hive to HBD conversion is that there is double effect that causes HBD reach and go over 10% Hive supply ratio. When you are converting Hive to HBD, Hive is destroyed and HBD is created. We have Hive supply decreasing and HBD supply increasing at the same time. I don't think it is good or bad. Just interesting. If decrease in Hive supply causes for its price to go up things will get balanced out.

I am not making any more predictions for the following months. But will continue to monitor and show you where the money is. lol.

Top 100 HBD Interest Payouts For September 2021

1alpha303.19902021-09-10 22:06:39
2blocktrades249.06702021-09-28 20:47:24
3seed-treasury244.14002021-09-27 15:54:36
4someguy123186.68502021-09-04 20:11:30
5shikoku132.38502021-09-04 19:37:36
6vaultec110.20502021-09-02 17:20:27
7pharesim86.71402021-09-14 07:47:12
8smooth-a59.87102021-09-22 19:40:12
9eonwarped58.31502021-09-08 13:49:06
10parkman52.80702021-09-06 22:48:54
11slobberchops43.40802021-09-06 17:42:15
12oceanplanet31.68302021-09-21 18:55:00
13frank1in26.11502021-09-21 12:59:45
14steemvault19.03502021-09-02 01:11:06
15theycallmedan19.03402021-09-20 00:38:06
16strawhat18.62502021-09-10 14:41:45
17oflyhigh18.22002021-09-16 14:38:21
18trip-hop18.10302021-09-28 08:32:54
19buggedout16.15802021-09-13 10:38:06
20shralve14.79102021-09-06 00:13:45
21susanli376914.02702021-09-25 21:41:09
22gabe.radke13.64402021-09-16 06:48:45
23investingpennies13.31002021-09-02 22:53:57
24podping12.95902021-09-07 11:46:48
25kbv.animalwelf12.92602021-09-26 04:38:48
26achim0312.69402021-09-21 13:42:24
27watchlist12.64802021-09-21 10:39:06
28null212.45402021-09-05 16:18:51
29jychbetter11.73502021-09-03 17:59:42
30lpfaust11.57302021-09-15 12:23:45
31mika11.51602021-09-11 20:22:36
32artsyproxy11.29702021-09-12 14:15:48
33internutter11.05302021-09-01 22:15:57
34holoferncro10.55402021-09-30 22:43:57
35taskmaster445010.00802021-09-02 02:07:51
36penguinpablo9.75002021-09-09 19:03:33
37detlev8.51802021-09-29 23:08:12
38hoo044308.47402021-09-10 00:25:12
39demotruk8.35202021-09-20 18:31:21
40jznsamuel8.13102021-09-22 23:45:51
41primersion8.09202021-09-12 15:05:30
42kenny-crane8.03802021-09-25 04:59:09
43dragonaladodera7.98502021-09-23 07:39:00
44bucket17.94802021-09-27 20:51:33
45cryptobrewmaster7.93102021-09-24 19:43:15
46niallon117.73602021-09-09 19:03:51
47obsesija7.49902021-09-30 21:05:57
48basejumper6.55302021-09-20 19:48:15
49kobusu6.41702021-09-03 13:30:15
50aafeng6.06802021-09-09 18:12:51
51hermes.apocrypha6.03302021-09-29 23:12:24
52cryptex245.99602021-09-20 08:48:12
53emrebeyler5.92102021-09-21 07:42:24
54suzana725.64202021-09-12 20:49:30
55livinguktaiwan5.32602021-09-07 00:00:18
56choogirl5.27602021-09-29 17:37:27
57chewski5.26902021-09-28 11:01:00
58juecoree5.03902021-09-29 04:14:24
59creativemary4.90302021-09-16 05:13:06
60apshamilton4.83302021-09-05 12:46:12
61johnhtims.life4.80202021-09-24 01:21:54
62ace1084.79002021-09-04 03:05:42
63calimeatwagon4.73702021-09-01 13:11:00
64dalz4.73502021-09-02 20:54:51
65sjarvie54.68402021-09-20 12:54:48
66ragnarokdel4.67202021-09-30 21:48:00
67hamsterpoweriii4.61702021-09-06 19:12:45
68taskmaster4450le4.53502021-09-19 19:07:45
69gooddream4.52202021-09-16 06:52:30
70metzli4.48802021-09-14 15:19:15
71paleking4.45002021-09-20 07:53:39
72deeanndmathews4.39802021-09-07 06:10:27
73hextech4.38602021-09-24 03:27:18
74zo3d4.26702021-09-06 10:59:06
75bala412884.26202021-09-15 14:52:45
76coriolis4.23102021-09-11 12:13:09
77rezoanulvibes4.22902021-09-28 22:17:57
78libaws4.11002021-09-15 18:55:36
79bitcoinflood4.11002021-09-18 23:07:18
80claudio834.06902021-09-02 20:01:51
81ambafatima4.04202021-09-20 20:25:45
82distantsignal4.04102021-09-27 19:13:36
83matt-archy3.98302021-09-19 23:15:33
84deanliu3.92102021-09-11 23:31:36
85thedarkhorse3.88202021-09-20 15:22:06
86kendewitt3.84702021-09-20 02:41:03
87sorin.cristescu3.75402021-09-04 17:06:33
88jongolson3.57302021-09-01 02:57:06
89thevil3.44502021-09-02 13:36:54
90steemflow3.43402021-09-19 13:59:54
91drax3.41802021-09-28 02:31:30
92empress-eremmy3.41602021-09-24 04:31:42
93somethingfunny3.32402021-09-24 05:14:48
94orestistrips3.31802021-09-01 06:40:57
95pusen3.29502021-09-01 15:48:57
96acidyo3.28802021-09-24 06:49:51
97hc2021.bodensee3.26302021-09-14 04:49:45
98mawit073.12402021-09-28 15:12:48
99sandymeyer3.03902021-09-04 08:02:51
100winniex3.00802021-09-14 04:36:57
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