HBD Interest Payouts For August 2021


Another month has gone by, and Hive is still paying out 10% interest on HBD in Savings. Let's take a look at the historical HBD interest payouts and how it changed in August.

In March total interest payout was 10,429 HBD to 6415 accounts.
In April total interest payout increased to 12,208 HBD to 7106 accounts.
In May total interest payout increased again to 16,574 HBD to 7250 accounts.
In June total interest payout almost doubled to 36,883 HBD to 7167 accounts.
In July total interest payout decreased to 1,696 HBD to 682 accounts.
In August total interest payout increased to 5,646 HBD to 1062.

As you can see payouts for August are not at pre-hardfork highs yet, but they did go up significantly. Number accounts receiving interest payouts has gone up as well. This shows there are people who are interested in 10% APR gains.

Pre-hardfork payouts are not really a good comparison, since mainly exchanges were receiving these payouts just for holding their user fund and not making a financial decision. Now those are receiving interest payouts are making these financial decisions to take advantage of 10% APR.

I believe many more would want move their funds into Savings to gain 10%, if this wasn't on Hive. Because on Hive people can earn similar gains with powering up Hive and participating in social layer to receive curation rewards. I personally prefer having Hive Power instead of HBD in savings. HP can also earn about 10% in curation rewards, gives opportunities to be more active on Hive, and also there is potential of Hive price going up 10x or more.

HBD being a stable coin and having mechanisms in place that try to keep it pegged, those who invest in HBD probably do not do so anticipate higher HBD prices in the future. It is a great token to use as savings and while waiting for better investment opportunities. 10% APR is a good return, especially when USD keeps losing its purchasing power over the years due to continues printing and increase of the supply.

A couple of weeks ago, Anthony Pompliano interviewed Kevin O'Leary on his podcast. Kevin said he was increasing his allocation for bitcoin and cryptocurrencies from 3% to 7% and perhaps even more. One thing he mentioned was very interesting. He said he was focused on getting more stable coins for the gains interests. Somebody contact Kevin and let him know that we have a good investment opportunity here. :) I doubt he is getting 10% anywhere else.

Last I checked Coinbase had 4% APR for USDC. I don't know what other places offer for other stable coins. But I haven't seen anything close to 10%. If you know any stable coin that offers 10% or more please share in the comments.

I am predicting 10K+ in payouts for the next month of September. What do you think?

Top 100 HBD Interest Payouts For August 2021

1mika2679.84802021-08-12 13:34:30
2alpha1569.35502021-08-09 22:24:33
3seed-treasury140.57402021-08-28 09:39:18
4pharesim87.04502021-08-10 14:45:24
5dragonaladodera74.49802021-08-24 06:25:03
6oceanplanet73.57902021-08-20 14:59:48
7shikoku69.78302021-08-04 10:52:57
8inertia68.80202021-08-13 20:26:33
9eonwarped51.07102021-08-06 15:58:12
10acidyo32.82402021-08-08 07:13:45
11ecency31.10202021-08-28 03:42:09
12strawhat28.85402021-08-06 10:44:12
13johnhtims.life25.36502021-08-18 19:11:36
14slobberchops23.81702021-08-07 05:13:06
15lainiwakura18.06402021-08-24 06:26:21
16fbslo13.98502021-08-20 10:41:54
17xmauron312.09102021-08-19 08:43:12
18grot11.85902021-08-23 08:19:54
19magicmonk11.58502021-08-30 09:46:33
20lpfaust11.34702021-08-12 13:02:48
21artsyproxy11.25502021-08-05 02:02:09
22neoxian11.10102021-08-30 01:36:24
23krishool10.51502021-08-30 22:59:48
24detlev10.25302021-08-30 05:35:48
25watchlist9.79702021-08-15 08:23:06
26jznsamuel9.77802021-08-23 19:59:39
27pi-store9.75102021-08-27 16:54:18
28podping9.73002021-08-06 03:40:39
29null29.64502021-08-03 13:21:30
30jychbetter9.51102021-08-03 13:52:42
31nostalgic12129.22802021-08-21 01:21:27
32penguinpablo8.58002021-08-04 07:49:18
33quochuy8.13302021-08-20 00:12:24
34alexaivytorres7.82902021-08-31 16:53:36
35engrave7.77502021-08-13 13:30:51
36aliquid7.18402021-08-21 18:24:18
37distantsignal7.17502021-08-27 18:02:33
38hiveonboard6.64902021-08-10 07:36:12
39sm-silva6.61902021-08-01 19:47:54
40irenenavarroart6.40202021-08-09 19:13:33
41taskmaster44506.02102021-08-02 18:27:09
42hextech6.00802021-08-24 02:15:06
43cryptex245.95502021-08-20 14:55:33
44craigahamilton5.87102021-08-31 13:39:57
45kenny-crane5.48602021-08-25 02:47:18
46travelfeed5.43302021-08-15 00:11:06
47sandymeyer5.08202021-08-04 12:23:12
48juecoree5.00402021-08-30 03:01:24
49investingpennies4.91602021-08-02 14:06:57
50leprechaun4.84502021-08-23 02:26:42
51obsesija4.36902021-08-06 12:59:51
52niallon114.25202021-08-07 09:06:57
53holoferncro4.23402021-08-31 21:49:15
54fishmaster4.21202021-08-30 11:01:24
55haveyoubeenhere4.12502021-08-05 07:49:06
56yunnie4.09902021-08-06 09:59:54
57hermes.apocrypha4.02302021-08-29 19:36:24
58achim033.97702021-08-22 10:50:18
59loretrina3.83102021-08-10 00:37:42
60buggedout3.81702021-08-09 11:04:36
61muterra3.77702021-08-06 14:29:36
62metzli3.74202021-08-13 03:01:54
63deeanndmathews3.65002021-08-08 04:12:09
64mariannewest3.64202021-08-23 21:00:27
65livinguktaiwan3.57902021-08-06 14:27:45
66ragnarokdel3.57202021-08-31 10:12:15
67aagabriel3.41302021-08-02 10:58:18
68orestistrips3.29002021-08-02 05:54:39
69grindle3.11102021-08-17 08:32:36
70revisesociology3.05402021-08-25 21:44:48
71demotruk3.04202021-08-21 18:27:33
72taskmaster4450le3.02202021-08-18 23:10:03
73littlenewthings2.98702021-08-24 08:44:00
74cryptobrewmaster2.96902021-08-24 18:04:48
75sorin.cristescu2.94802021-08-05 11:14:15
76drax2.83502021-08-23 11:12:03
77sjarvie52.80602021-08-17 03:30:00
78zo3d2.78902021-08-03 10:48:54
79nonameslefttouse2.74002021-08-29 22:29:39
80dalz2.60402021-08-03 13:12:00
81scriptkittie2.60102021-08-06 08:08:00
82chronocrypto2.53002021-08-20 06:26:48
83looftee2.52902021-08-30 06:37:48
84rezoanulvibes2.52802021-08-29 21:03:48
85bala412882.48802021-08-15 15:52:21
86traciyork2.38602021-08-28 07:36:36
87bucket12.35002021-08-25 15:50:27
88bitcoinflood2.29902021-08-19 17:00:12
89runicar2.28802021-08-22 16:24:15
90wil.metcalfe2.26702021-08-19 18:33:39
91igormuba2.25702021-08-03 23:13:42
92claudio832.21402021-08-03 14:15:33
93purepinay2.19402021-08-11 11:10:45
94punt2.18302021-08-30 23:51:48
95pouchon2.17702021-08-26 21:36:36
96kaerpediem2.14002021-08-15 13:23:03
97thekittygirl2.13002021-08-23 18:38:33
98lightsplasher1.96302021-08-13 17:26:18
99gengua1.95002021-08-20 15:03:39
100ssg-community1.93302021-08-23 01:42:30
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