These 8 Altcoins Will Likely Deliver Massive Gains In March, Says Altcoin Daily Host IN A New Video

In a new video which recently appeared on Altcoin Daily, the popular crypto YouTube channel, co-founder of the channel, Austin Arnold, named eight altcoins which he believes will likely deliver massive gains in the month of March 2021. Arnold begins his list with Bondly (BONDLY), the fast growing cross-chain peer-to-peer digital exchange platform. Bondly facilitates the exchange of NFTs, which is a growing market in the cryptospace. As a consequence, Arnold believes that Bondly has a huge potential.

The second coin on Arnold’s list is Cardano (ADA). He believes that ADA provides a fine alternative to the skyrocketing price of Ethereum gas fees. As the Ethereum exodus continues to gather momentum, it is expected that ADA will grow in price ─ the Altcoin Daily host thinks. Here is how he puts it:

“Cardano’s got a great narrative going into March. ETH gas fees are high, people like Cardano, celebrities are promoting it. Cardano is one to watch in March, it has yet to break its market structure. I’m bullish.”

Next on the list of the Altcoin Daily co-founder is Chainlink (LINK). Arnold cites the recent upgraded Off-Chain Reporting (OCR) network as a bullish sign. Here are his words quoted verbatim:

“… Chainlink has a great narrative going into March. The news is that ‘Chainlink rolls out OCR system upgrade, reducing gas costs tenfold.’ So people are very aware of how gas fees are limiting certain networks. Chainlink, which is on top of Ethereum, is reducing gas costs tenfold. Surely, this is a bullish thing in March.”

The fourth and fifth coins on Arnold’s list are Tezos (XTZ) and Umbrella Network (UMB) respectively. Tezos (XTZ), which is now available to be traded at one of the oldest banks in Switzerland, is an adaptable smart contract platform while UBM is an Initial Decentralized Exchange Offering (IDO) platform. The Altcoin Daily co-founder believes that these coins will most likely rally hard in March.

In the sixth, seventh, and eighth place are Orion Protocol (ORN), SuperFarm (SUPER), and Ethereum respectively. ORN is a liquidity aggregator which will be having its mainnet launch soon. Having its own NFT marketplace, SUPER is a cross-chain decentralized finance protocol. Ethereum needs no introduction. However, Arnold believes that its high gas fees do not mean that it will not rally in the future, arguing that the gas fees are high because there are people using the network.

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