Splinterlands: Dark Assassins Guild is Recruiting!

Splinterlands is mostly a solo game.

Which is fine. I like solo games.

There is that part of the Splinterlands gameplay that is cooperative. And that is guilds.

For players who prefer their solo quest through Splinterlands, I understand. Maybe you like to do things your way, you don't like to be told what to do, you don't like all sorts of contradictory discussions, etc. Who wants all that, right?

But guilds do add bonuses that are important to the solo journey. A guild bonus for ranked battles and Shop discounts are benefits we already have now before the SPS rewards get added to Brawls. After that, it's already a new game. And solo players not involved in guilds will have more and more to lose.

Then, there's the matter of finding a better guild. What the definition of a better guild is, depends from person to person, I guess.

Some look for the most competitive, others for loyalty (both ways). Some look for more rules, others for more freedom. Some look for a guild with a lot of engagement and discussions, others not necessarily. Some look for a place to call 'home', others for a stepping-stone towards a better guild.


I am the co-leader of the Dark Assassins guild and we are RECRUITING! (we are not that dark and we are only assassins on the Splinterlands battlefield)

We are one of the first guilds created, known before as Saw Supremacy.

While we are not one of the super-rich guilds that can develop fully right away, we have the track record as our ally and the slow and steady approach which has brought us where we are today. Which is pretty damn far!

We have just upgraded our Guild Hall to level 8 (it requires 500000 DEC to upgrade from level 7 to level 8, for those who don't know), which means we can have a maximum of 25 members and a max cap for buildings at level 8.

A Lodge at level 8 gives +12% bonus reward points in ranked battles and a 6% discount in the Splinterlands shop.

These bonuses alone become profitable from a level forward, after paying the monthly 1000 DEC contribution to the guild.

But SPS rewards will soon be added to Brawls (within the next month, month and a half?!). Then, I expect guilds will be bombarded with join requests. Finding a good guild will be far from a guarantee!

We have some free places now, but that won't stay unfilled forever. Of that, I can assure you!

We have always strived to build a core group of players that will fight and grow together, within our guild.

If you want to be part of our team, you can either request to join directly in-game, or let me know your IGN in the comments below, and I'll check you out. If things look fine, I'll send you an invite as soon as I can.

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