HivePUD Mar-2022, plus monthly account stats

My submission for #HivePUD for 1-Mar-2022, and my latest monthly stats showing my account progress, with graphs from PeakD and custom infographics using Google Sheets and GIMP.

HivePUD Mar-2022, plus monthly account stats

Powering up at least $ʰⁱᵛᵉ10.00 as HP.

Today is the 1st March 2022, and this is my second HIVE Power Up Day ( #HivePUD ) submission. I wasn't able to participate fully in last month's #HivePUD event as, although I had powered up at least $ʰⁱᵛᵉ10.00 liquid Hive as required, I was still way short of the minimum 100ʜᴩ staked that is also required, to be eligible for most of the reward pools for the event. During February, I had a major push to reach that goal. As you will see in the infographic below, I was able to reach my goal with 5 days to spare!

screenshot of staking my $ʰⁱᵛᵉ12.00
This month I did not think that I was going to complete #HivePUD either. While the infographic above shows that I reached my first goal of 100ʜᴩ staked; getting a further $ʰⁱᵛᵉ10.00 to stake on the day was proving to be more difficult. With my ongoing power-downs of my legacy accounts, I was able to raise just over $ʰⁱᵛᵉ7.00 liquid to be staked. Not long before the end of the month, I received a very generous gift of another $ʰⁱᵛᵉ5.00 liquid towards my goal, from @wesphilbin. Because of this generosity, I was able to power up just over $ʰⁱᵛᵉ12.00 on #HivePUD today, 1-Mar-2022. Yay! Thanks so much Wes, for coming to my rescue. This will become my second HivePUD submission. Below you will find a list of other sources of my liquid $ʰⁱᵛᵉ from the preceeding month, which I have staked for #HivePUD today.

Acknowledging where this $ʰⁱᵛᵉ came from.

  1. Creation & Curation rewards – As you will see from my account stats below, I haven't been very successful this month with creation and curation on the blockchain. A lot of my interactions during February have been off-chain, mainly in Discord.
  2. Delegations – As I mentioned in last month's #HivePUD post, I have received a couple of very generous delegations early on, from @thekittygirl and The Terminal's @rc-assist account. I am really appreciative of these delegations, and I know that I need to make better use of them this coming month.

My monthly account stats.

Review of previous month's position.

For those who haven't yet read my last month's #HivePUD post, here is a quick recap of where I was at that stage. I still had 44.167SP in my old STEEM account, and was converting the funds from there to the HIVE blockchain. That is now complete. I had 86.795HP in my legacy @trisquelwhare account, and was moving those funds to my @frittro account. That is still ongoing this month, and will be throughout March as well. I made a start on my main blog post series in January, but haven't written any more this month about setting up my #homelab using a #raspberrypi and #yunohost.

My monthly account stats from PeakD.

Account Growth graph from PeakD.
Account Growth – This is the source of the data displayed in the big animated infographic up above. I have noticed during the month that the values in this graph change. I assume this is due to currency fluctuations over the month. This graph, and the above animated infographic, are therefore showing my progress as it stands on 1-Mar-2022, and replaces any similar graph that I have published during the month, including those in the #market-chat channel of The Terminal Discord server.

Author Rewards graph from PeakD.
Author Rewards – I have only made four posts this month. The last of those hasn't even reached its payout date yet. Even then, when it does, I have declined payment on it, so that won't contribute to my Author Rewards for next month, either. Clearly from this graph, my last #HivePUD post was my most successful one.

Curation Rewards graph from PeakD.
Curation Rewards – As evidenced by this graph, I have been a little more "on to it" with curation this month, than I was last month. Even so, there is a lot of room for improvement here. My #HivePUD post on 1-Feb-2022 was my most profitable post for this month.

Incoming Votes graph from PeakD.
Incoming Votes – As I mentioned last month, this graph would be much more useful if it represented the weight of the votes, as well as the quantity of them. I do appreciate the tiny upvotes from @dustbunny though, which help me to get an appreciable payout at least from some of my other lightweight incoming upvotes. Also, note that I haven't yet worked out how to filter these graphs from PeakD, so they still show results from all previous months, not just from Feb-2022.

Outgoing Votes graph from PeakD.
Outgoing Votes – Once again, this graph is quite meaningless without being able to filter it to just show the data for this month only. Hopefully I can work out how to do this filtering before next month's #HivePUD post. Maybe @jarvie can give me some tips on how to accomplish this?

Posts/Replies graph from PeakD.
Posts/Replies – Thank you to all of the wonderful people who have replied to my posts this month. I do so appreciate the feedback, even more than the upvotes. This is where the magic happens on the social blockchain!

Comments graph from PeakD.
Comments – I have been quite distracted again this month, as I have been learning about using Condenser and similar APIs on the HIVE social blockchain; and learning more about the changes to Splinterlands (as mentioned below); rather than focussing on interacting with live human beings. I need to "up my game" in this regard next month.

My monthly account stats from Splinterlands.

I am slowly getting closer to my goal of being able to buy myself a Summoner's Spellbook using just DEC to pay for it. I have a nice collection of Alpha and Beta cards from when I was last on the social blockchain back in 2018. I've moved them all to my new account here from my legacy @trisquelwhare account. That old account already has a Summoner's Spellbook, but my new one doesn't yet.

My card collection of Alpha and Beta cards has been delegated out to a player who runs the @hipnose003 bot account. This month he created the @hipnose002 bot account as well, and we moved some of my cards to that account too. I am now getting 50% of the Season earnings from both of these bot accounts. I have also started receiving Reward cards as part of my passive income from these bot accounts, to add to my collection. Also this month, I received a very generous gift of 31 new Chaos Legion cards from @sassafrass (aka saffisara on Discord). These are the first Chaos Legion cards that I have ever owned, other than the Reward cards. Thanks so much for these, @sassafrass!

I have decided that, once I finally get my Summoner's Spellbook, I will have a go at playing Splinterlands again myself, but I will leave all of my Alpha and Beta cards where they are, delegated out to bots, and only use my new cards for my own manual battles. That way I get the chance to slowly re-learn the game, and the new features of it since I last played.

My monthly Layer 2 token stats.

As a new feature of my monthly account stats, I will be looking at some of my Layer 2 tokens, with a snapshot overview of them all, and a focus on one or two of them each month. To the right here is where I am placed at present with all of my Layer 2 tokens. Some of them can not be staked at all, while many I am actively staking as soon as I get them, to get me started with them.

Now, let's take a look at a couple of my favourite Hive-Engine Layer 2 tokens that I have come across so far, since re-joining the social blockchain.

The Pizza Report

I have started off quite stong this month with my HIVE Pizza hodling. Many people have given me pizza slices since I joined the Pizza Discord server, and I want to thank everyone for their generous (and tasty) contributions. However, there is one standout pizza-loving friend who has donated the most to me this month, and that was @queenstarr, who gave me a whopping 10 whole pizzas! That lovely gift helped me to reach my first goal, of 20 pizzas staked this month. Now I can start giving away some pizza myself, while I work towards my new goal of 200 pizzas. Thanks so much, @queenstarr, you are a pizza legend!

The Luv Report

I have only received three of these LUV tokens so far, since I returned to the social blockchain in January this year. Thank you to those who have shown me some LUV up till now. Maybe if I interact more next month, I might be able to reach my current goal of 10 LUV tokens, so that I can start giving some out daily, too.

Position statement.

There is currently 5.021ꜱᴩ remaining in my legacy STEEM account, which I am just going to leave in there. My legacy account on HIVE still has 60.291ʜᴩ in it, and I am powering that down at a rate of about 6.690ʜᴩ per week. My main blog post series about setting up my #homelab using a #raspberrypi and #yunohost has gone onto the back-burner again this month, and I am so far behind on my planned schedule for the #installfest that I doubt at this stage that I can get back on track. I may need to re-work my whole schedule again. As always, I would like to acknowledge the owner of the @hipnose002 and @hipnose003 accounts, for his efforts in running my Splinterlands card collection in his bot, earning me a nice passive income.

Image Credits

  1. post-head.png – Remix created by @frittro, using elements by @pantone801; an image by Goumbik from Pixabay; and various "fair use" logos, including HiveSBI, HiveBuzz and some Hive Tribe and Community logos.
  2. Various "fair use" organisation and company logos, including Hive, Steem, PeakD, RaspberryPi, YunoHost, etc.
  3. 220228_account_growth.gif – Animated infographic remix created by @frittro, using data from PeakD, and elements from Emojipedia.
  4. 220301_1355_ecency_staking_tx_successful.png – Screenshot from the Ecency interface.
  5. screenshots – From the PeakD Dashboard interface.
  6. 220301_1021_splinterlands_my_goal.gif – Animated infographic remix created by @frittro.
  7. 220301_1940_gsheets_my_splinterlands_stats.png – Chart created by @frittro.
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  12. frittro-maori-footer.png – Remix created by @frittro, using elements by @pantone801; and the Silver Bloggers logo by mondoshawan.
  13. NOTE: All custom remixed images, infographics, graphs, and charts have been created using Google Sheets and GIMP. Infographics were created using data from the HIVE-Engine web interface and/or the Splinterlands web interface, unless otherwise noted above.

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