Dave Portnoy’s Safemoon crypto investment

Dave Portnoy's Safemoon crypto investment

Dave Portnoy is now the self appointed leader of the Safemoon crypto project. What could possibly go wrong?

If we’ve learned anything from Dogecoin, its that an internet celebrity appointing themselves as leader of a crypto project, will at least be good for price.

Not wanting to be left behind, founder of Barstool Sports Dave Portnoy has jumped back on the bandwagon and self appointed himself as leader of the Safemoon crypto project.

Portnoy made his shitcoin announcement (hey, they’re his words not mine!) on Twitter today, picking a side and already pumping $40,000 into SAFE.

Fucking LOL!

What is Safemoon crypto?

Well you see, Safemoon is both safe.

And it’s going to the moon.

I mean everything you need to know about Safemoon is right there in its name.

This is Safemoon crypto

If you watched the Twitter video I’ve embedded above, you may also want to take note of Portnoy’s caution that Safemoon could actually be a ponzi scheme.

But if that’s what it turns out to be, then at least you’re in on the ground floor.


By buying $40,000 worth of SAFE before telling you to get in, actually you’re not really on the ground floor at all.

But yeah, details like that really don’t matter since this crypto is both safe and going to the moon.

Is Dogecoin a better investment than Safemoon crypto?

Umm of course not, Safemoon is by far a better investment than Dogecoin.

I mean let’s be honest here.

Dogecoin is old news and it’s probably not even going any higher anyway.

Elon is being a dick and Dave Portnoy is the hero that cryptocurrency markets never knew they needed before today.

Portnoy says he’ll never sell his 1 Bitcoin that he owns.

“I will never sell my Bitcoin!”

-Dave Portnoy 2021

Would Elon say that about his billions of dollars worth of BTC?

Not fucking likely.

While Portnoy tossed up the idea of joining forces with Elon to become the 1,2 punch that you see in superhero movies, he ultimately chose to pick another side.

Safemoon fucking crypto, baby.

How to buy Safemoon crypto?

Buying Safemoon is as simple as hopping onto your favourite DEX and trading for whatever your current shitcoin of choice may be.

We know that the USD is going to zero, so if you've got any of that in your account, then it's really a risk-free trade.

Buying Safemoon crypto on Cub Finance

Just be aware that Safemoon adds a 10% tax on top of each transaction.

5% is redistributed to all existing holders, while the other 5% is used to add liquidity.

None of what I've said here about Safemoon is to be taken even remotely seriously as this post is not investment advice, you moron.

Best of probabilities to you.

Direct from the desk of Dane Williams.
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This Safemoon blog is exclusive to leofinance.io.

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