My Hive tracking without Hive targets

This week has improved from the previous one with author rewards of 12.99 HP, which is a little more in line with the usual range. It seems like my rewards are in a fairly stable period where the rewards don't vary too much.
This also seems to be happening in the market where Bitcoin's maximum resistance seems not to let it rise definitively to higher levels,
Holiday weekend so enjoy the family and work a little in the garden to have some juicy fruits in summer.

I keep increasing my passive yield tokens. The goal is that at some point my account becomes almost only passive with a post from time to time.
This week I have continued to increase my holdings of BRO and SORT.
I am also accumulating PIMP to enter their regular dividends.

I post on Hive mostly for entertainment so I don't have any goal in mind to achieve. If I get some small economic return, I will use it to pay for a hobby that I have that is not very cheap, photography.

So I will use the funds earned once a year to give myself a photographic whim. By the way, if you know of any website that accepts Hive or HBD as a form of payment, I would appreciate it. So everything stays in community.

I have a penchant for passive yield tokens so I use layer 2 earnings to buy them. I really like tokens like SIM, ALIVE, BRO, SORT or INCOME and I try to accumulate as many as possible.

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