Cardano Ecosystem News - June 2021 - from Cardano 360 Update

These are the main news from Cardano 360 Update, which you can watch as a video in full version or mini version.

Alonzo Blue - everything is according to plan. From 6 SPOs testing the network, the number is increased to 20

It’s possible we can see a merge into Alonzo White in a week from now

Plutus Partners are building applications and will show some demos in July

Plutus Pioneer Program starts accepting candidates and the course start July 1. You can sign up

Cardano P2P Network: currently there are multiple P2P nodes running on the mainnet as test relays. The next step will involve a public testnet with a small amount of SPOs to run P2P relays with a final step - full P2P integration.

Partnership with The Nervos Network - building a bridge between two blockchains that will allow an exchange of ADA / CKB. Currently collaborating on a testnet with a mainnet to follow after that.

Orion Protocol Partnership

Revuto Partnership. Revuto helped the first token-sale on Cardano to raise $10 million.

Cardano partners Wolfram and Coti are working together to create NFT auction site. Wolfram is working on the solution for and front end processes. Coti is working on the solution for bidding processes, including analyzing ADA balances, providing custodial wallets for the bidders, and providing bidding mechanisms.

Project Catalyst. 10% rise in participation since Fund3. Almost 23 000 unique wallets and a total of 2.3 billion ADA participated in the voting. Fund5 registration for voting begins July 8 and registration with hardware wallets is supported.

Tim recorded an Interview with IOHK Chief scientist Prof. Aggelos Kiayias about academic research in IOHK. The full interview is here:

Cardano Foundation has 2 new members of the team: David - new head of marketing and Sidney - new head of brand and communications.

In case you missed, Charles was recently On Lex Fridman Podcast, it’s the longest podcast on the channel (5 hours). You can watch it here:

IOHK site is available in the Japanese language.

Cardano Summit will happen at the end of September 2021. The landing page is

Thanks for reading. If you delegate or plan to delegate your ADA - you can use my link and Everstake SPO will share some profits with me (which I will use for promoting Cardano locally and globally). The process is very easy, but just in case - there is a video explanation.

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