ADA MakerSpace Hackathon PrizePool Presentation

I'm happy to be in the ADA MakerSpace team and contribute to the organization of the Cardano hackathon which will be August 13 - 29 , 2021.

You can read more and signup for the hackathon on ADA MakerSpace site and in this post, I will focus on PrizePool.

Last Catalyst (Cardano governance project) townhall Boone Bergsma presented Hackathon PrizePool and you can watch the presentation here

Right now as I'm writing these lines, the prize pool is 693 ADA and most probably it will grow as you will read this. Moreover, there are many Cardano-based tokens in the prize pool, check them on the image below or by the link in the live mode

You can also contribute to the prize pool and there are many ways you can help Hackathon and Cardano ecosystem in general!

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