100(0)x Value Chain of Labs and Apemining


After a few days of reading @ecoinstant 's page on Apemining. I was a little hesitant because I didn't know how it worked and i need to turn on my geek hat and dive into it before I would be confident to enter.

When I was done doing the math for it. I sat there stunned, I realized that I was onto a hidden gem. If we, in various communities work together, we can send this skyrocketing, and we do not need to rely on outside market forces. Let me help you further understand the math. But before that, let me help you understand its function and its predetermined governing rules.

Things to keep in mind Circulating Supply 57,672 and at the time of writing, price of Ape is 1.12.

As for STEM, currently there are 2,724,075 Circulating and 2,121,288 is being staked. Price 0.08


BUY = Whenever you spend 1 APE to buy either CPU, CLOUD etc etc, you're actually burning 70% of that ape. 10% goes to holders and another 10% goes to people who Take ownership. and another 10% wasn't clearly stated where it goes.

BOOST = Doubles the daily rewards.

TAKE OWNERSHIP = Get 10% of APE burnt.



The Plan is a simple one, together we can create a supply shock, all we need to do is burn 2,724,075 X 0.08 = $217,926 STEM by tokens and 57,672 X 1.12 = $64,592. If you divide it between 200 people, the cost of this scheme is only fractional.

This will send the price of STEM and APE skyhigh. To my estimate, $0.5 for STEM and $20 for APE. Happy Ponzi! If, we're to do this, let us all start on Monday wherever you are! by the end of the week. you'll be quite well off. This make more sense to hoddlers.

Fundamentally, Stemgeeks is quite reputable and produces good content. Ape is will be driving those content creators aping rich!

Thank you very much to @apemingclub and its stakeholders @apeasurus and Stemgeeks @marky. Sorry if there are other stakeholders that i did not mention. but thank you very much for creating a platform that is impactful.

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