Using Presearch With The Brave Browser Extension Directly From The Address Bar


Yesterday, I have published an article about Presearch, the decentralized search engine, that doesn't spy on you and pays you with PRE tokens (ERC-20) for searching the web with them. Since I got many replies from people, asking whether Presearch works with the popular Brave Browser and how to beat the habit of just using Google instead, I decided to make a follow-up post. Please read my previous post first, to learn more about what Presearch is and how it works.

Presearch - A Decentralized Search Engine Where You Earn While Searching The Web

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Using The Brave Browser Extension

Presearch offers browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.


However, I will focus on the popular Brave Browser, which is build on top of the open-source Chrome browser and improved with multiple security layers and even its own native reward token BAT (Basic Attention Token). It even features private windows with the Tor system, hiding your ISP from the websites you are opening.

Personally, I think this is by far the best browser on the market and many here on LeoFinance share this sentiment with me.

steemleodivider.png Search Extension

Since Brave is build on top of Chrome, most Chrome extensions work flawlessly with Brave as well. This is also true for Presearch, whose users are often very familiar with cryptocurrencies in general and the Brave browser in specific.

You can find the Presearch extension in the Chrome Webstore:

All it does is simply making your address bar automatically using the Presearch engine. You can see the Presearch logo on the left of the bar, when nothing is entered into it.

presearch bar.PNG

When you now type anything into the bar (except for a URL) and press ENTER, the extension will send your search to (which, unlike, will show PRE staked keyword ads on the top) and show you the search results from the Presearch engine. If logged into your account, you will see your PRE rewards on the top right of the search results screen.

You should know that Dsearch will not reward PRE tokens directly when you search on and only works as intended when doing the search THROUGH Presearch. You can learn more about Presearch vs Dsearch in this official article. If you use the browser extension you cannot do anything wrong, in that regard.


That's pretty much it. With this extension you will always use Presearch and earn PRE tokens with every search you do via the address bar. I never use any search engine directly and rely entirely on my Brave Browser address bar to search the web. This makes it super easy to brake any old habit of using Google and finally get rewarded for what is a multi-billion Dollar business.