If you are keen on learning and using Order Flow and Footprint charts in trading and need a top notch professional grade software for cryptocurrency trading with all the bells and whistles such as Delta, CVD, Open Interest etc then it's worth trying out ExoCharts.


Currently, available on web only versions, it will soon be available in desktop versions as well and hopefully with compatibility for Mac and Linux as well.

It offers a wide range of features and accurate data for order flow traders. It's really unique as it offers data for top exchanges such as Binance, Bybit, Bitmex, FTX, Okex and perhaps more will be added in the future as the product is under development.


The customer support is good and they have a discord group where you can chat with the main developer if you have any queries, or find any bugs while using it and he's very responsive in my own experience. Many users of the software also share their ideas and templates in the group.

Veran, the owner and creator of ExoCharts software has posted many useful links to order flow learning materials in his discord channels to help traders new to this software and order flow/foot print charts in general get started with their learning journey.


I'm unable to go over all the features of this software because it's quite extension and it will take some time for anyone new to get a hang of it. You can find video tutorials for ExoCharts on Youtube so it shouldn't be hard to get the basics down.

Overall, I find this an extremely useful tool in my kit and while i'm still learning the ropes on order flow trading, this software is worth paying for. Especially considering similar software are sometimes priced at over $1000 monthly fees.

I hope the prices for the desktop version remains reasonable so that the entry barrier to top notch software for trading crypto markets remains low for new traders with smaller bankrolls.

Here's the premium plan comparison.

You can pay via Paypal and in crypto obviously.

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