Spring is coming in the southern hemisphere. Hive Power Up Day all over the world...

PUD 1 September 2021.jpg

This has been the most peculiar month. Traditionally, August is cold and often wet. It was and as I write, it's howling a gale. We have, though, had some gloriously sunny days. Real life has been a bit like that, too. Really low lows and high highs. And I see Hive and crypto doing something similar.

Life is a rollercoaster

I'm not sorry to see the back of this month and as I do, there are lovely signs of spring all around us. In the village and in the southern hemisphere, generally.

VineLeavesDrops.jpgThere is no time of year that the vines are this lusciously green

The prettiness of the vines, the daisies and the dog roses and the potential promise on the work front are giving me hope. Amidst the sadness of the sudden death of a friend who was a husband of 30-odd years to a friend...

Carrying on regardless

Anyhow, and as they (who are they?) say, life carries on and as with the first of the month, so does Hive Power Up Day, as does my ongoing delegation of 300 HP in equal share among three accounts that meet the basic Power Up Day Criteria as well as these additional criteria:

Eligible accounts must also be -

  • be less than 6 months old
  • have at least two qualifying posts since the previous power up day.
    Posts that qualify must have 200 words or more and exclude posts for Power Up Day, and Actifit.
    As a reminder, the reason I added the second criterion is because -
    Hive is a social blockchain: it's for socialising, ruminating and just generally hanging out.
  • a reputation of less than 61
  • not more than 500 HP in their accounts before they power up - both on the first of the month

Then there's more

Every account that participates in Power Up Day, and does so regularly, stands a chance of receiving a delegation from @hivebuzz - in addition to a bee badge.

What I do, and what if no accounts qualify?

Thanks for asking: as I always say, I don't make decisions on my own, so if, as has happened in the past, there are "slim pickings", I will be working via Traci with the @ocd team and making selections from the @lovesniper noob curation initiative. I will also continue to keep an eye out for those noobs who fall into the Silver Bloggers' league and who have joined that community as was the case for @bartolomee whose account was among those eligible for June's delegation.

July beneficiaries

Last month there were slim pickings and only two accounts qualified, @yems and @trippymane. Pop over and have a look at their blogs and say hi. Because it was my blockchain birthday month, Olga received a second delegation for July, too. In addition, @mjdvca very new Hivean and member of the Silver Bloggers Community also got a delegation. @trippymane received his late, so while the others have been cancelled and will disappeer from their wallets, his remains for another three days.

September delegations

Depending on what happens between now and deciding on delegations, I may add a fourth recipient and another 100 Hive to the pool.


Delegating is not enough

Remember that in addition to the delegations, I add these accounts to my fanbase so that they receive a daily 100% upvote (if my voting power is still more than 90%; if it's not, I do try to pop over, but RL sometimes gets in the way - as it has - a lot - this last few weeks). This is also why I ask @ginabot to notify me each time they post. If I have an opportunity, I do pop over and have a gander and, occasionally, either weigh in on whatever the post may be about or reblog it. By that time, If the post hasn't had a vote, I then give a manual vote - no strings attached!

See you on Hive Power Up Day, 1 September 2021

Until next time, be well
The Sandbag House
McGregor, South Africa

Photo: Selma

Post Script

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