See All Your CUB Investments At One Place, In Seconds [APP INSIDE]

CubFinance has taken over the Leo Community completely, it's like every second post on the trending page is about the same. Well, this one is no different. Everyone wants to learn more about DeFi so that they won't miss the CUB Boat. I, myself, have read tons of post in the past two days and still I feel there is so much to learn.

I have been doing my own experiments with CubFi to understand the system, how it works and what are the possibilities. Setup up your Metamask wallet and doing all those transaction to fuel your account was the major task and quite overwhelming. This post is for those who are past such steps!

I was confused about how much worth of Tokens I have invested in all FARMs and DENs. Calculating them one by one will become more difficult as we invest in more of them. Increase the range of your CubFi portfolio and it will become impossible to manually calculate. Also, the price of these tokens fluctuate a lot. For a big investor (unlike me, lol) it will be a tedious task..


I FOUND A GREAT APP - As the domain name suggests, this simple little tool will tell you how much is your LPs worth in terms of USD. It will also provide you separate staking details of each FARM or DEN your are invested in.

Connect With Your Metamask/TrustWallet Wallet

NOTE: It works with TrustWallet too as confirmed by @bryan-imhoff in the comment section.

As soon as you open the website, you will redirected to the below screen, where you can connect your BSC Wallet to use the app.


↑↑ Before Connecting Your Wallet ↑↑
↑↑ After Connecting Your Wallet ↑↑

View Your Staking Details

In order to view the breakdown of your Staking & its worth, you need to use this MasterChef Address: "0x227e79C83065edB8B954848c46ca50b96CB33E16"

Enter the address in the text box and voila:


You can hit the image.pngbutton to fetch the latest staking details! I confirmed and this data is correct as per my own CUB investments.



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