In Web3, You Are The Brand!

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Building a personal brand online is hard. On Web2 social, no matter how good you are, you cannot beat the people who know how to beat algorithms. You cannot beat brands that have massive marketing budgets and multiple campaigns going on at once. Moreover, your content is not your own. The money earned via ads is divided unfairly between platforms and the creators. Users get nothing for spending their precious time, rather their data is being sold against them.

With the advent of Web 3.0 and blockchain technology, users are the brand. In this new era of decentralized protocols and tokenized economies, every user has the power to provide value and extract value in return. You get the 100% of the money your content makes. Not the platform, not big brands but you.

Transition Is Happening

In Web1 (through Web2), companies created content, they made money.

In Web2, users create content, companies make money.

In Web3, users will create content, users will make money.

Web2 was a big step forward from this web1 because it brought more people into the mix. The Creator economy created a new wave of influencers that built their own brands. But they are still dependent on the platform and other brands to pay them. While these big corporations make a ton of money via your content.

Web3 will allow users to have more control over their own data, content & identity while introducing new ways to make money for their work. Individuals are at least as powerful as these large corporations or governments and maybe even more so in the future.

Personal Brading Through Social Media

We have all heard the term "personal brand" and know that it can be used to help you make connections, find jobs, and get noticed by other influential people. However, with the rise of social media, you can actually build your own audience and keep engaging with them 24x7.

The more followers or likes or engagement you have on these platforms, the more influence you will have in making those connections happen. You can earn money by selling your own products or services or doing more.

In Web3, YOU Matter

In Web3, every single user is a brand that holds value on its own. The value of a person is their reputation, it’s their network, and also the skillset they have developed or have access to. It’s also the ideas that they share with others - both within their community and outside of it. Nobody can stop you from building or expressing your views.

In the upcoming years, We'll see more creativity as well; we might see more people getting involved in art projects like music making or writing stories. This could end up being shared across different platforms too but not necessarily limited just within one application alone. It would help build up even more reputations across different networks where users can get connected together based on similar interests or hobbies.

More connections are being made between communities across multiple platforms under one umbrella term called "Web3". Everyone shares common ground when discussing topics such as open-source software development in general terms.

People now have access to tools (blockchain, dApps, and smart contracts) that give them much more autonomy online. The web is moving from a place where we passively consume content to one where we are able to interact more actively, and in turn, build our own brand. Users can decide who has access to their data, what they can do with it, and how they choose with who they interact.

Creator Tokens

In Web3, everything can be tokenized. You can create your own tokens and use them to crowdfund or finance your project or idea. Or you can use it to provide more value back to your community. You can create applications that are entirely unique and customizable to fit your and your audience's needs.

You no longer need to rely on centralized institutions. Blockchain technology is cheap, reliable, transparent, and decentralized. As a brand, you will probably get to create your own token at some point and kickstart your own free economy.

Tokens are a way of creating a digital asset that you can trade. The possibilities are endless when it comes to tokens and their uses; we just don't know what else we'll do yet! In Web3, you will interact with other individuals who are just like you; each one is a brand in their own verse.


Web3 is a new era of the internet, where people own their data and connect with anyone, anywhere. It’s decentralized and distributed, so no one person or company controls it. It's better to start building your personal brand now because eventually, you will become one, one day.

So what's it's going to be?

  • One day
  • Day one

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Not financial advice. For infotainment purposes only.

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