Different ways to earn passive income on Hive.

In this video, I discussed different ways to earn passively on hive.

This is majorly for Hive investors who just want to buy and hodl for a long term. This is just an eye opener that while hodling one can earn more Hive without doing anything.

While I'm doing this for passive Hive investors, active hivers can also take advantage of the things discussed in order to earn more Hive.

As discussed in the video, here are ways one can earn passively on hive;

  1. Powering Up
    When you buy Hives and power up the Hives and keep in Hive power, apart from the fact that your hives will be secured, you will also earn interest on the number of Hive in Hive Power at an APR of approximately 2.98%. This is a cool way of earning more hives without doing anything.

  2. HBD Savings
    Transferring Hive Dollars (HBD) to saving in your wallet will afford you the opportunity to earn an interest rate of 10% APR. All you just have to do is to buy HBD or convert Hive to HBD then transfer it to savings then you continue to earn an interest rate of 10% APR on your saved HBD.

  3. Following Curation Trail
    This is another way of earning passively. As we all know (and in case you don't know) you earn Curation rewards for curating other people's posts. 50% of the reward on the post is shared to the to curators. For those that don't have the time to go through people's posts and curate, you can follow Curation trail of reputable curators by go to https://hive.vote/ and login through hivesigner. Before doing this, you must have powered up your Hive. So in addition to earning interest on hive power, you will also earn Curation rewards.

  4. Delegation
    There are some project that share the Curation rewards earn to delegator on a daily basis of weekly basis. All you just have to do is to delegate Hive power to this projects or accounts and keep receiving Hive reward on a daily bases or weekly basis. As you are earning on delegation, you are also earning interest on hive power.

With these and many other ways, one can earn passive income on Hive. So as many that will love to invest in Hive just to hold and nothing more, you can do so and also earn more Hive tokens.

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