"'Worst Answer" 1.0 LEO & !PIZZA Competition - Worst Investment Strategy

Ok this going to be the first competition that features both LEO and PIZZA prizes!

So the questions is..

"What investment strategy should I be using?"

Remember we want the worst ideas so please dig deep (or shallow?)! And place your answers in the comments below!


Ok so the prize will be!

1st 6 LEO
2nd 4 LEO
3rd 2 LEO

Also we will now have a bonus prize of 1 !PIZZA for the most creative response, I am talking images, gifs , hikaus I don't really care just go crazy

I will also upvote as many answers as possible and give out some slices of !PIZZA

We will close in 7 days and need at least 3 answers

3 columns
2 columns
1 column