unlocking more opportunities: via buying of splinterlands spellbook

Hello everyone, and everyone in the splinterlands ecosystem, it a honor to be back and to share with you in my joy,
first of all

A Happy weekend to you, how are you doing and how is your weekend going, trust you are having a smooth time because for me it is a beautiful experience, the excitement is something I can't really explain.

It's just a new era for the world of splinterlands play2earn game, if you have been observing it's been a while since I've engaged in the splinterlands play2earn game, because I was not a registered player and because of that I was lacking support. But this morning I decided to take a bold step to make a better experience in my gaming life.

It has been in splinterlands for some good months now and making posts weekly. I have been enjoying their support right from the very first day I started, it has been a wonderful time with them. So to sustain my growth in the splinterlands play2earn game, I decided to buy the spell book to be relevant.

Wondering what is the spellbook

The spellbook is just like a means of getting relevant in splinterlands game, without the spell book you can't earn from it, I have been playing the game for months now and yet not earning because I was as unable to buy the spellbook, the book is worth $10 and that is a big money to let go though not that big to sacrifice, well looking at the amount of money, ones need to be determined before letting go, am glad I was able to take this bold step I used all my earnings from the past post that paid out to buy the spellbook.

wow I feel good to do the right thing, the feeling of having an opportunity to play and earn is really amazing. It feels like I was really missing out on fun, but trust me I am back for good and for fun.

So far I have received

1 Spellbook which is worth $10.

3000 Credits as a gift for buying the spellbook.

I can now opportuned to buy Card Packs in Shop at my pleasure

I am now entitled to receive ranked season rewards for playing season battle games.

I can now fully participate in Tournament events because I am a registered player

Most especially I can now earn SPS in battles.

Isn't it amazing? Join splinterlands play2earn game now!!!

I want to sincerely thank the splinterlands community team for their love, support and encouragement towards my growth in these few months of joining the community. My HP growth has been super with your help. I am grateful.

And to you who always stop by to read by post thanks

I love you

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